Kukula Nataly Abramovich

Kukula was born in a relatively isolated village about an hour north of Tel Aviv. Her few neighbors were mostly retirees, many of them Holocaust survivors. Her childhood imagination was nourished by equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories. Thus the attempt to reconcile real life horror with fantasy life sweetness emerges as a central theme in her work.

After receiving her degree in illustration in 2003 from Vital-Shenkar, Kukula moved to the U.S., where she lives now.

Kukula’s paintings center on feminine, doll-like figures, often surrounded by objects with sometimes clear, sometimes obscure symbolic meaning. The work registers the influences of both classical European art forms and contemporary pop culture. In her figures’ poses Kukula recalls traditional portraiture, yet the style is manifestly modern and pop-influenced. Kukula’s compositions thereby disclose her personal struggles as mediated by a rich multi-cultural heritage.

Newminds Video Featuring Kukula


Tom and Becky
Raspberry Finn's Ramblings
Grapefruit Macaroon
Russian Juju
Lena & Mira's Last Days of Autumn
Melancholia Walk With Me
Vive La Liberté
Elixir Fountain
Lilya & Pussypus
Tomorrow Never Comes


Press & Media

Kukula x RED Valentino Video

Vogue Italy
RED LIFE by Valentino RED
Grazia Italy
Hong Kong Oriental Daily News
Hong Kong Milk Magazine - April 28, 2016

Museum Exhibitions

July 2014 - "Dolls Art Exhibition," Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel-Aviv Jaffa (Old Jaffa), Israel

Dec 2013 - "Lacrima Aquarium," Acquario Romano Museum, Rome, Italy

March 2012 - "International Woman," Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, Warrington, UK

May 2010 - "Art From The New World," Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol, UK

June 2010 - "Pop Surrealism, What A Wonderful World," Museo Carandente, Spoleto, Italy

Solo Exhibitions

December 2016 - "Pop Royale," Haven Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach 2016

September 2016 - "The Tapestry Show," 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, California

March 2016 - "The Huntington Epidemic," Haven Gallery at SCOPE New York 2016

September 2015- "Haute Debutante," AFA Gallery, New York, New York

September 2013- "The Adventures Of Raspberry Finn," Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, California

Spetember 2011- "Lonely Opulent Things," Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, California

December 2010 - "Grand Delusions," Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, California

June 2010 - "Sugar And Blood," Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy

December 2009 - "Immortal Artifiacts," Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, California

July 2009 - "Prozac for a Princess," Ubanix Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nov. 2008 - "The Princess Express," Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Mar. 2008 - "Dreamcatcher," Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, California

June 2007 - "In My Last Hour," Roq La Rue, Seattle, Washington

Feb. 2007 - "Sunday Morning Wounds," Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

SHOWstudio Projects

2015 - “Illustrating McQueen”

2013 - “Kukula’s Couture”

2013 - “SHOWcabinet: Maison Martin Margiela”

Select Collaborations

Kukula x RED Valentino Spring Capsule Collection 2016

Kukula x MRZ capsule collection 2015

This Is Limited Edtion UK 2015

CASTRO TLV-The Street Art Project -2011

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