A Long Way Gone By: mereDith, chloe, sydney

The countries that border seirra leone are Guinea and Liberia.

Diamonds are the main natural resource and are coveted by Americans.

Sierra Leone is a republic with an executive president, and a multiparty democracy.

A rebel army that takes kids and makes them fight. They used murder and torture to fight the government, and intimidate civilians, keep UN peacekeeping units in check.

Their goal was to overthrow the government.

The cause of the war was that there was and uprising of the revolutionary united front.

They were forcing children to fight and kill their parents under their will.

They were used to fight on the front lines of combat, and they were used to rape females.

The three countries that use children for military are Brunei, Chad, and Rwanda.

Ethiopia, kids have to work on the farms and in mines.

Pakistan, children are being kidnapped to make nike shoes and soccer balls.

Afghanistan, kids work in cement farms.

African child at work.

The groups that are trying to stop the problem are

Cultures of resistance network

Child soldiers international

Optional protocol to the convention on the rights of the child

The international community must do all It can to prevent the outbreak of fighting by addressing the socio economic roots of conflict zones. That you in security council should focus strongly on the needs of children and women.

Ishmael is 36 years of age

He currently lives in New York but hopes to return home with his family.

He wrote his book in a "matter-of-fact tone"

Oberlin College in Ohio.

He listens to hip hop because he was amazed at how fast a white person could sing.

Was born on November 23 1980

Published his first book in January of 2014

Was forced to be a child soldier at 13

He wrote a message of hope for future child soldiers


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