Career Project By, Zach hite

Highschool Diploma


The education needed for this career is at least a High school diploma.

Training For U.S. Army


You must pass Physical Fitness Assessment



The ASVAB is the test you have to take to join any branch of the Military.

Work In this field

The process for enlisting is you have to take the ASVAB. After you take the ASVAB there is a list of things you are eligible for.

Starting Salary

Private (E1) 19,000$

Long Term Salary

Major (o4) 71,000$ (6 year experience)

(special forces)

Long Term Outlook

Join as a Private and later Join Special Forces

Turnover Rate

This career has a high turnover rate, because of the the stress and people being injured or killed causes this to have a high turnover rate.

Working Conditions

The working conditions can vary, you can be in a military base in the USA or in another country.


Dangers of the Job

You can get seriously hurt or die.

Nature of work

The nature of the work varies from counterterrorism to unconventional warfare.


The responsibilities of the job are stopping terrorism and collecting intelligence information


Related occupations

Some of the related occupations are Rangers, Marines, etc.


Reason for choosing this field

I chose to explore this career because I want to serve my country and for the benefits, they will pay for your college and help with leadership skills.

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