Art class by alessa eoff

In this piece of work we were trying to show organic and geometric shapes. Our goal was to have a balance between the two kinds of shapes. There is also repetitions and a rhythm of movement.
In this piece of work we were trying to express our feelings through drawing. One of the drawings means anger, another means excited and happy and another means sad.
This is the self portrait i drew, when we drew our self portraits we were learning how to make proportions correct in drawing.
this shows a variety of techniques to create a range of values. I varied the thickness of lines length, width, and value.
In this piece of art i tried to have a good use of colors, and complimentary colors and themes. This has a visual interest in the composition. And also lines/shapes to vary the textures and patterns.
This photo uses lines to create an image. the length and widths of lines are varied in this art work.

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