Hoganakkal Ride II sunday, September 4, 2016

Date: 04 Sep 2016 7:07 am

Distance (GPS): 285.7 km

Distance (bike odometer): 288.0 km

Elapsed Time: 8:00:50

Avg Speed: 35,6 km/h

Max Speed: 110,9 km/h

Avg Pace: 1' 40" per km

Min Altitude: 239 m

Max Altitude: 952 m

Start Time: 2016-09-04T01:37:33Z

We are waiting for Sathya on meeting point

On the way to Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Finally we are there.

Locals started to attack us offering oil massage

Unfortunately main waterfall is closed for visitors. But anyway it is worth to go there.

In this place Kavery river split in many smaller streams. As I mentioned biggest with main waterfall is closed for visiting. Also "boat tours" to waterfall is banned.

Between few of those tiny streams is a "island village" where locals fry fishes. You should buy a fish from another locals. Business is organised in this way – you buy fish from one person and another will offer you to fry it. So, fry "caste" settled on one of islands

Buy fishes, tender coconut of soft drink here

Before we bought fish, we visited public spaces. Interesting place with oily men.

Everything happens in the river – washing, peeing, swimming, bathing

We went to the "village" for our farewell meal.

After lunch back to home.

Stop on the way back home. Boat ferry across Kavery river.

That's it! Thank you for traveling with us!

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So far we explored this part of India on motorcycle.

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