Alexis Solis Genius Hour How can i improve my change up pitch?

Blog Post 1

For my Genius Hour project I have decided to focus on pitching, and one main pitch I am focusing on is my change up pitch. This is important to me because I am a softball player that can use this pitch when I am pitching .This is also important to me because if I go and play anywhere in college I can have that type of pitch to choose. My goal for this project is to find ways to help improve my pitch and also find steps to help make changes to how I throw this type of pitch. The way I will be measuring my goals is by making sure I take videos of me learning and improving this pitch. Another way to measure my goals is to ask some pitchers on how they throw their change up pitch and kind of get some ideas based off of them.

Blog Post 2

I have learned from my pitching project that it takes a lot more time of working in the pitch and grip. The sources of research that I have used this week is a you tube video on how to grip the ball and on how to keep your arm stiff and straight. During this project I have learned about myself that It takes me a while to get these things all put together so that I can learn them one by one and get them down easier. From this point I will go and dig up more research and tips on how to keep my arm and hand straight to throw the ball in the right speed. I will also be looking up how to grip and hold the ball to get a good slow spin on it. I will be looking for more videos and tips and a lot more how to steps.

Blog Post 3

From my topic I have been learning that this type of pitch is a pitch that you have keep working on because working on it for one day isn't enough. This topic is also a topic that has many steps to take each time you change up your pitch and adjust it.During this project I have learned about myself that I need to stay on top of myself to get these things done and get my goal achieved to where I want it. I have also learned about myself that doing a project like this that will help me in the future is really fun to me and I have a lot of stuff to work with in this project. My source for this week is using a website that actually has steps on it and pictures to show how to hold the ball and how to keep your arm straight while throwing the ball. From this point I go on to pitching a lot more and trying to get the ball where I want it to go and try to figure out my speed that I need to throw the ball. Also from this point I will be videoing my progress and how each day my pitch will change and be approved to where I want it to go.

Blog Post 4

I have learned about my topic that there are many different ways to hold the ball and throw the change up pitch. There are also many different ways to learn how to throw this pitch.The most I have learned about myself is doing this project I have found that there is a lot for me to talk about in this project. I have also found that I have so much to talk about over these types of pitches. From here I go to making my final product and hopefully showing people what I have learned over the past 6 weeks .The sources that I have used were looking up more you tube videos and comparing them to other videos to see what the difference is between the two.This six weeks has been a blast because of this project learning new things about a sport that I love to play is what I always wish I had the time to do.

Blog Posts 5

I have learned about my topic that watching many how to videos and teaching your self as you go along a lot will change in the way you do things with that product.I have learned about myself that while doing this project I have to make sure to not procrastinate and make sure I find videos and steps to help my self improve my change up pitch.The sources I used for this week is another you tube videos on how to throw the change up pitch. From here I go into finishing my final product and getting ready to make my finishing video and finish up the products in my video.

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