Volunteer Newsletter: From Our House to Yours| Issue XIII

Ronald McDonald House New York would like to say a special thank you to all of our Step Challenge participants and supporters who stepped up to support children battling cancer by raising awareness and funds this month.

Each of you are true heroes of our House! With over 150 participants and supporters, together we made over 25 million steps, and raised over $28,000 in support of children battling cancer and their families.

If you were not able to participate or support the challenge, there is still time to make a contribution today! You can donated by visiting www.rmh-newyork.org/stepuptosupport or you can purchase a shirt to help us hit our goal of $30,000 in support of the 300,000 kids diagnosed with cancer each year.

I will never know what it's like to walk in their shoes, so I walk for them.

How to Support our Heroes Fund

  1. Create your own fundraising page on our website. Share the link with your family and friends to ask for their support.
  2. Host a special Event with your community and ask them to make a donation on your fundraising page. It can be anything you want! Some volunteers have hosted exercise or cooking classes. Get creative!
  3. Help us solicit Silent Auction Items. On October 28- November 11 we are hosting our annual online Silent Auction. Please think of any items or special experiences your job, friends or family may have access to and help us collect donated items to auction off this fall!
Thank you Bloomberg, Muslim Volunteers for New York, McDonalds, RBC, Amazon, Little Beet, Saint Vincent de Paul, Cindy Gavin, Sard Verbinnen, G III Apparel Group, Uber, Penske Trucking, Annaly Capital Management, Tommy and family, and EJ's Luncheonette.

Fun and Games with Sard Verbinnen

Sard Verbinnen provided dinner and a virtual activity. Their volunteer team put together an entertaining fast-paced guessing game. There was no question that the winner of the evening’s activity was Zooey! She responded correctly to the questions within the 5-second limit, and then provided the next well thought out category.

Which in a few cases turned out to be harder than expected for Team Sard Verbinnen. In between playing the game Zooey shared her love of cats and her interest in snakes which she has been researching. She provided a wealth of information on North American Reptiles for the group. Everyone enjoyed Zooey’s wit and humor throughout the Evening.

Submitted by Helena Russo

Virtual Dinner Party with T. Rowe Price

It was a fun evening at the House! After a few tech glitches and the setup seconds, the zoom virtual room was ready with dim lights and serious music to begin the most important Game show - The Disney quiz. The volunteer crew Ally, Donna, Christina, Alex and James had their questions deck ready and to go and were co-hosting the show. James was the DJ for the night and also the score-bearer.

The fun teams: Soccer, The Locos and The Sea Hawks were all geared to play. Ally went through the rules. It was simple; the hosts would pop a question with 4 multiple choices. 45 seconds were given to our teams to come up with an answer. Tik tok tik tok... then the participants would drop their answers to the chatbox or hold the letter board to the camera and bamm you get your scores.

The kids were all logged in and ready to take it on. The questions were tastefuly crafted to cater to every kid's favorite Disney character. It ranged from Alladin, Moana, Incredibles, Madagascar and the recent blockbuster Mulan. As questions passed, the tension was felt in the zoom room. Thanks to James for the hippity hop music which got everyone swaying as they scratched their heads to pick the right choice.

As we just stepped into the October fest month, the Disney characters provoked the inevitable chatter about Halloween costumes . There were some really good choices to pick from - Olaf, Cheerleader & Spiderman. I hope you are wondering what your costume is going to be as you read this.

As we moved along with questions about Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda and Moana every team scored a point. Hooray!! We knew what the House favorite characters were.

And then the scores started to get close. So Ally brought her wrath of tough questions. Some of these really got me wondering if I wanted to spend all weekend refreshing my Disney knowledge. Some key take aways were do not miss Mulan. Especially as starting this week, Disney + is streaming Mulan as part of the subscription and no additional fees. Marianna gave a great reviews for the movie and strongly urged having popcorn , hot chocolate and M&M as sides.

And then Ally surprised the teams with a bonus question only because the question got really tough. To keep the fun index high, every team scored a bonus point for that, no matter their answers. 20 questions down and there could be just one winner. Tension spiraling in the room. All teams were so close to the screen and calling their hoping to win. Then the winner was announced. It was Mariana!!! But wait this is the House where the world is twisted. So it was declared -- everyone was a winner. Kids danced around with joy. All in all it was an exciting event not just for the kids but for everyone in the Virtual room.

If you missed the event take this quiz to test your Disney knowledge :)

  1. In Alladin , what was Jasmine's pet called?
  2. What are the minion's names in Despicable me?
  3. In Toy Story who does the toys belong to?
  4. What type of fish is Nemo?
  5. What is the panda's name in Kung Fu Panda?
  6. Name any one of the 7 dwarfs?
  7. What zoo are the animals in Madagascar from?
  8. In Ratatoulie what name does Linguini give Remy?
  9. The movie Cars begins with the last race of which championship race?
  10. In the Wizard of Oz, what is the Tin man looking for?
  11. What fraternity did Mike and Sully belong to?
  12. Which Disney princess has a raccoon as a side kick?
  13. Who teaches Mowgli about the bare necessities in life in The Jungle Book?
  14. What is the name of the dragon in the Mulan movie?
  15. What does Ohana mean?
  16. In the Little Mermaid movie what is a dinglehopper?
  17. In the movie Moana, what is the green stone on Moana's necklace?
  18. In the Incredibles 2 the incredibles and frozone battle with?
  19. Who does Anna fall in love with in frozen?

Answers :

  1. Raja
  2. Dave, Carl, Kevin, Steve
  3. Andy
  4. Clownfish
  5. Po
  6. Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grump, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy
  7. Central Park zoo
  8. Little Chef
  9. Piston Cup
  10. The heart
  11. Oozma Kappa
  12. Pocohantas
  13. Baloo
  14. Mushu
  15. Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind
  16. The fork.
  17. Heart of the Te Fitit
  18. The Underminer
  19. Kristoff

Submitted by Sneha Ramesh, Communications Volunteer

Setting Healthy Intentions for the Next 90 Days

Can you believe that there are only 90 days left of 2020?! While 2020 may not have gone exactly how we may have envisioned on January 1st, we can still take advantage of the remaining 90 days to set healthy intentions and implement positive lifestyle changes.

There is a saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle change. From now until 2021 arrives, I challenge you to pick one healthy lifestyle change that you want to implement by the end of 2020. This can be as simple as committing to a 30 minute walk everyday or eating a serving of vegetables in every meal.

For the first 30 days, practice adding in the habit a few times a week in smaller increments so that you get used to the new movement/food/etc. For example, if my ultimate goal is to walk 30 minutes everyday, I will start the first 30 days by walking for 15 minutes on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.

For the next 30 days, commit to your habit everyday but at the same smaller increment. For example, I will now be walking everyday for 15 minutes a day. By increasing the number of days per week but keeping the increment constant, adding in the extra days won’t be as difficult and will begin to feel more like an automatic daily routine.

For the last 30 days, perform your habit everyday at the full increment. In my scenario, I will be walking everyday for 30 minutes. During these last 30 days, take note of the obstacles that you may face while attempting to perform the habit and what you can do to adapt. If your goal is to walk, how do you complete your daily walk during inclement weather? If your goal is to eat a serving of vegetables in every meal, what happens if you have to work late and can’t cook a proper dinner?

By the end of the 90 days, we will have slowly but steadily worked to implement a positive lifestyle change that we can carry into the new year!

Submitted by Kelly Chu, Communications Volunteer

DIY Activty

Instructions summitted by Shawna Salinger & Graphic design by Kelly Quane, Communication Volunteers.

Jen Kovach

Team: Monday night

Resides: Brooklyn

Profession: Senior Director, Creative + Digital

How did you get involved at the House? Friends of mine from Iowa stayed at the house with their son. After they told me about what an impact it had on their life, I wanted to see how I could help support families like theirs.

Years Volunteering: 4 1/2

Favorite Activity: Tie-dying shirts with the kids, they get so excited to see their designs!

Favorite & Most Memorable Volunteering Experience at RMH-NY: We were having a Moana movie night; I’ll never forget one of the little girls belting the song “How Far I’ll Go” at the TOP of her lungs (possibly yelling a bit) and dancing with total abandon.

What you enjoys most about being at the House? Getting to know the kids, just letting them be their silly selves.

What do you miss most about not visiting the house since quarantine began? I miss hearing jokes from the kids, being told through their paper bag puppets, such as “I just flew in yesterday and boy are my arms tired!”

“It’s a relief and refuge for so many families that otherwise might not be able to have their kids receive treatment in NYC. I know from my friends’ experience that it removed the stress of lodging and gave them a support system that they refer to now as their New York family.” - Jen Kovach

Article submitted by Helena Russo, Communications Volunteer.


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