Portfolio Richard Martin


One of my new experiences in art was learning how to shade my pieces. I was never able to shade well and I feel my skills have greatly increased.

I thought this class was a very fun and enjoyable class to be in. We had amazing projects that helped improve our simple skills and put them into a piece.

I learned how to draw what I actually see instead of what I think I see. It helps my drawings come out more accurate.

Negative and positive spaces

This assignments purpose was to show us that the positive space is the object in the picture and the negative space is the space around the object. I drew a giraffe which was my positive space.

Before and After hand drawing


I improved in almost every area. In my before drawing I didn't know how to see the exact shape of the hand and I didn't know how to properly add values. In my second drawing I drew what I saw instead of what I thought I saw.


Luke Munsey Profile

I drew my friend Luke. This drawing turned out to look a lot like him, although some of the alignment was off so the the shapes made him look younger than the actual picture. The hair and jawline are most successful. Also the overall shape of the figure turned out really well.


Harambe Gorilla Stippling Vaues

I feel the value turned out really well, especially around the eyes. The darkest darks and the lightest lights gave my picture a high range of values.

Still Life

Still Life

This piece wasn't my best work. My darks and lights didn't blend well and the shapes of most objects weren't on measurement. I feel my biggest success in this piece was the fact that I can tell what the objects were and how they were put together.

Scratch Board

Sloth Scratch Board

I feel I nailed the texture in this piece. I showed great value throughout the face and I expressed the texture throughout the body showing the sloth was hairy.

2 point perspective

Lunch room at west

All of the lines and angles in the picture all evenly go through the 2 points. Since all of the lines meet up at the same 2 points it gives the picture perspective and depth. Also I feel the values and shading came out successful also the picture was measured and drawn very accurately.

Before and After self portrait


I greatly improved on my self portraits. My second drawing of me turned out to look way more realistic than the other drawing. I darks and lights are really defined giving the self portrait a wide range of values.

Conceptual Art

Ruscha Ribbon drawing of "seat"

The values didn't turn out so well. The darks and lights do not blend well. The lines are decent and the lines form the overall word.

Closing Statement

I had a lot of challenges in art. I'm glad I was in this class to learn a lot of the things I don't know about art. I can say I greatly improved throughout the semester. I learned how to add values and make my drawings look realistic. I enjoyed the fact that we received a great amount of time to work. I loved that we could listen to music to focus in on our projects. I also learned how to draw what I see instead of what I think I see which greatly improves my accuracy of my drawings.

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