Wars, Pandemics and Climate Change: How they affect each other

In the 20th century, we lost 187 million people to wars worldwide...
and 417 million people to recorded pandemics...
In the next 100 years, the effects of climate change are projected to take at least 1 billion lives...
Then why are we spending $2trillion/year globally on preparing for the possibility of war but are spending less than $200million/year preparing for pandemics?
$359 billion is being spent on climate change research worldwide. This is less than half of the amount governments are spending on uncertain wars, totally disregarding the fact that the casualties resulting from climate change far outweigh those from wars.
Why is there such a huge disparity in expenditure? Why are governments not taking issues that pose greater threat to human life more seriously?
Let's examine the three in some detail...
WARS have taken lives as well as livelihoods all around the globe. Take a look at the following figure to see how much the USA has spent on all its wars so far:
WARS FROM THE LAST 300 YEARS HAVE COST US $846,005,000,000,000,000
Despite constant reminders, PANDEMICS are still not being taken very seriously. Let us see their effects on humanity throughout history:
CLIMATE CHANGE is proven to be one of the biggest threats to humanity and people are actually denying it completely. It is given attention by activists and institutions such as schools but far too little investment is being made to tackle it. Check out the figure below, detailing rising global temperatures over the years:

The main people responsible for the mammoth amount being spent on defence are world leaders such as Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, Ali Khamenei and Vladimir Putin.

Climate Change Leaders: Whilst Al Gore lit the fire nearly 15 years ago, the fight against climate change is led by people like Greta Thunberg, a 17-year-old Swedish activist, Bill Gates and largely by United Nations Climate Change Conferences.
Pandemics: The fight against pandemics is being led by organisations such as WHO, the NHS, the UN and people like Bill Gates, who donates money to researchers looking for cures and vaccines in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading Causes

Wars are mainly caused by political tensions, potential territorial/economic gain, religious or nationalistic disputes and conflicting ideologies.
Whilst viruses are responsible for most pandemics, the reasons and ways in which the viruses spread are more important than the source itself: poor hygiene and/or sanitation, lack of medical knowledge or facilities, dangerous diets, etc.
Climate Change is caused mainly by human activities releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour into the atmosphere causing the sun's heat to be trapped in our atmosphere, increasing global temperatures.


Wars have left 187 million dead around the world, displaced 65.3 million and laid waste to environments, economies and mindsets indiscriminately.
Climate change is causing rising temperatures, rising sea levels an increasing spread of pests and pathogens and loss of biodiversity among other things.




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