Chap. 13 Lesson 1 Therana

Discrimination is unfair treatment, particularly based on race.

Civil means having to do with citizens and their government.

Integrate means to bring races together.

A boycott is to refuse to use something.

Civil disobedience is the refusal to obey laws that are considered unjust.

The word boycott comes from a British official, Charles Boycott whose actions in Ireland led to the first protest of the type that now bears his name.

After suffering discrimination and unfair treatment for centuries, African Americans in the mid 1900s began to make real progress in winning an equal place on American life.

They fought for equal rights in jobs, housing, and education.

They also fought against segregation, the separation, the separation of people of different races.

At that time many African Americans lived with segregation in schools, housing, and many public places.


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