Year 9 Commerce 2017 CONSUMER CHOICE

Class Discussion: See, Think, Wonder

1. What are some elements of commerce that you can see in the following photo grid?

2. How do you think these images relate to commerce?

3. What questions do these images make you want to ask?

What is Commerce?

Using the photo grid above, your task is to come up with your own definition of what commerce means to you.

Discuss your answers with those around you, and as a group, write your group's definition on the post it note that is given to you by your teacher.


Created with images by j16r - "markets" • PublicDomainPictures - "buying customer cute" • jarmoluk - "money card business" • StockSnap - "bananas fruits food" • vagawi  - "Aussie money notes" • Human Interest (Instagram: ivanfebri) - "transaction..." • FirmBee - "apple imac ipad" • Paul Schadler - "Lemonade Stand" • HerryLawford - "Westfield"

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