My Top Posts- Best of this Season (2019/20) Summer break is here. Back in October!

And here we are, another year has gone by; a crazy bizarre end of the course, at least for educators in Spain. I guess everywhere has been the same. I have this feeling that next year we are going to see major updates in educational apps that are going to make our life so much easier if we have to resort to online teaching again. Hopefully, not. Anyway, using technology in my classes is one of my hobbies so I will be using the summer to keep up with the new trends. No rest for the wicked!

Here we go with our The best of....

In October 2019, the most popular post was:Flexible Seating Using Collocations. Wow!!! This activity is soooo good... don't skip this post!!!

November 2019: Teaching from Afar: an Online Project Using Technology . An online project that brought into my class first-class educators from all over the world. I told you, I lile tech!

DECEMBER 2019: I only published 2 posts in December. You know, Christmas break was in order and family demanded all my attention. One of these posts was Create your Own Board Game to Practise Speaking and Activate Vocabulary

JANUARY 2020: I have chosen a very nice activity to illustrate this month. Agony Aunts: a No-Prep Activity to Practise Giving and Receiving Advice. There were some other good posts this month, but I have a soft soft for the ones where my students appear.

FEBRUARY 2020: And yet again, another attempt to help fix fossilized spelling and grammar mistakes. Dry Erase Boards to Help Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes from Essays

MARCH 2020: Again, so many posts and so difficult to choose just one. But... let's offer a bit of variety and let's choose "fun": Learning Languages: my Fave Videos to Spark Discussion

APRIL 2020: Yes, and finally I am going to name the word, Coronavirus. All of a sudden, we had to shift from face-to-face to online teaching. I was prepared. Using technology is one of my passions. Remote Teaching: 3 Tools to Assess Students' Speaking Skills

MAY 2020: And again, my beautiful committed students are in the limelight with this project which involved a lot of technologies. In the activity,  Giving Students a Fun Challenging Written Assignment even my oldest students (70-ish) managed to use two technologies. Here is proof.

Hope to see you all back in October when I resume classes. I'll be calling roll

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