Video for Educators Robert Faust

Video for Educators

Learning Journal - Winter 2018

Week 6 - Reflection on Learning

The Video for Educators class has been a great benefit to me as an instructor. I've edited video, but had never taken the time to become comfortable with Premiere Pro. Video will certainly have an increased presence in my teaching.

I enjoyed checking out the work of other students in the class very much. It served to stimulate ideas for projects and exposed me to skills I wasn't previously aware of. This format was perfect for me as a teacher-learner. I was able to make all but one of the live sessions. The one I missed I was able to view the recording which was able to bring me up to speed. The amount of work expected each week was just right and the buffer for getting caught up at the end was greatly appreciated.

This was my first course through Adobe Education Exchange. It won't be my last! Thank you all!

Week 5 - Instructional Video

This short production gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills. I used Camtasia to do the screen capture. I've used Camtasia before, but had never edited the Camtasia video in Premiere Pro. Camtasia is pretty straight forward, it's a little on pricey side, but since my school already had a subscription, it seemed the logical choice.

I also worked with animating text for the first time in Premiere Pro. I had gotten to be quite proficient in Macromedia Flash (yes...I'm old) then Adobe Flash, so the idea of keyframes and timelines was not new to me. It took me a quick YouTube search to find the techniques (duh...click the stopwatch) then it was fairly straightforward (although it did take 20 minutes to create a 5-second animation)

Week 4

This short clip dealt with building momentum by cutting on action. This sequence was filmed with three cameras. Unfortunately one of the cameras was set to time lapse...so that rendered that footage virtually unusable. I did take some b-roll to use for some cut-in shots. That came in handy.

I was amazed at the amount of time it took to select footage for even a 20-second clip. The editing was also more involved than I expected. I think it does make for a more effective product.

The students in my intro to video class worked with the same media. It was interesting to see the variety of edits they came up with. I've certainly gained a new appreciation for the editing process.

Week 3

I used this project with my beginning video class. I shot the clips in the first 5 minutes of class, explaining the Shot-Reverse Shot technique and the 180-rule. I like the two shot at the beginning (and end), however, it was challenging to position the camera in the optimal position to get the individual shots. The immovable desks made it challenging to frame the shots properly. I'm not particularly pleased with the composition of the shots featuring the actor in the Everlast hoodie. I also forgot to shoot the response to "Who's there?" until later. What was that about a shot list?

I realize now the benefit of working on shorter projects. These short projects give a chance to practice a particular skill, and learn it well—adding another tool to the toolbox for the larger projects to come.

Week 2

I had a great time with this project, but it gave me a new appreciation for the time it takes to select footage for even a 20 second project. Building in intensity was a challenge while keeping enough of the clips to show some of the beauty of the clouds. I appreciated the links to CC licensed video. I found the quality to be much higher than at some other sharing sites, like Flickr for example.

Some new skills I picked up were working with keyframes for the text at the end. The opacity of the letters ramps up from 0% to 46%...then back down to 0% again.

Week 1

I learned a few valuable lessons with this quick project. A big one is the importance of creating a sequence and getting all the settings in place before importing media. On my first attempt I imported the media first. The project then defaulted to the size of the first image...way larger than the 1920 x 1080 I was expecting. Oh well...it gave me a chance to redo the project a second time.

I liked the ability to make Photoshop-like edits within Premiere Pro. I did find that it was not as similar to the Photoshop experience as I would have preferred.

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