Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office The Detail Newsletter - may 2020


Lobby will open with limited access -- for concealed handgun permits and fingerprinting only

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office will reopen the lobby at its headquarters building on Monday, May 18 at 8:00 a.m. for its Concealed Handgun Program (CHP) and fingerprinting only. Both programs will be available by appointment only; applicants can begin scheduling appointments on May 11 by calling 720-874-3929. The CHP program will process applicants and conduct fingerprinting for concealed handgun permits Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will be closed for appointments on Fridays. Appointments will be spaced every 20 minutes, with a limit of 20 per day to allow staff to properly clean and disinfect the fingerprinting area between appointments. Those arriving without an appointment will be asked to call 720-874-3929 to schedule an appointment. Those seeking renewals of their concealed handgun permits will be urged to do so online. The exception is out of county residents who relocate to Arapahoe County who will need to come in and have their photos taken.

Social distancing will continue to be practiced inside the lobby. All visitors will be required to wear a cloth face covering or non-medical mask. Chairs will be marked to indicate queue lines consistent with social distancing guidelines and all customers are asked to practice proper hygiene, including covering sneezes and coughs and washing hands or using sanitizer.

Fingerprinting for civilians or non-CHP applications, such as employment, liquor licensing, educators, etc. will be done by appointment only Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. There will be no appointments on Fridays.

The Records/Civil/Warrants section will remain closed to walk in traffic. Please continue to conduct all business with us online HERE, including paying traffic fines, requesting public records and reporting crimes only if no immediate response is needed and no one is in danger. If there is an emergency, please dial 911.

Please note: The May 18 reopen date is subject to change. For more information on our lobby opening, please read our full news release below.


The Arapahoe County Fairgrounds is now operating as an alternate care facility and is ready to take COVID-19 patients. The temporary facility is the first one of its kind in the state of Colorado. It has the capacity to hold up to 150 patients that don't require acute or critical care. The hope is to alleviate crowding at regional hospitals.

The alternate care facility does not accept walk-up patients, but rather operates as a medical shelter and is best suited for patients who are ready to return to their original housing situation but are unable to do so because of their circumstances.

Arapahoe County Commissioners and other elected officials got a look at the new facility on April 15, the day it opened. The medical shelter is the product of a multi-agency response team that completed the transformation in a matter of days with the help of the Colorado National Guard.

The Emergency Operations Center, which operates under the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, is managing the County’s response to the pandemic, working in partnership with the Board of County Commissioners, Tri-County Health Department, state and local officials.


...and land an exclusive interview with Sheriff Tyler Brown!

Three young brothers from Centennial have created a new website to help senior citizens and thank essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheriff Tyler Brown gave the boys an exclusive interview and discussed how the coronavirus is affecting our agency and families. Watch below.

Their website, Kids for our Community, has great ways you can help others and get help. The brothers, Kapil Bhandaram and Sunand Bhandaram, 4th graders and Rohan Bhandaram, a first grader, all attend attend Cottonwood Creek Elementary School. Their mother helped them create the site because many elderly citizens can't get out to get groceries, medications, or run other errands. The site also provides ways adults can sign up to help those folks. Also, kids can send their artwork or letters to the community as a show of support.


Residents of the Town of Deer Trail got some much needed help on April 11, just before Easter at the drive-thru food bank. Many have lost their jobs and were in great need of assistance.

Volunteers working the drive-thru food bank

The sheriff's office sent several deputies to help out with increased patrols and we were honored to lend a helping hand. We also provided Easter treats for the kiddos!

Deputy Easter Bunny arrives on scene to hand out candy

Something very special is happening at Heather Gardens in Aurora...



A big thank you to Garett Bolles, offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, for his donation of more than 600 protective masks to our agency. Even our cadets are wearing them in training.

Cadets participate in a training session at the Detention Facility

Bolles donated the masks to several different law enforcement agencies to support first-responders as they continue to serve and protect our communities during this challenging time. We are so appreciative.


When the call went out to the kids of our employees asking them to create signs thanking first responders and health care workers, we had no idea they'd step up in such a big way! The artwork came pouring in and we were able to deliver the thank you notes and posters to nearly every law enforcement agency, fire department and hospital in Arapahoe County. We even gave them to some truckers at the Love's Travel Stop in Bennett! It felt so good to show our appreciation to the folks who work so hard during the COVID-19 crisis. A big THANK YOU to Lt. Stefanie Spain-Madrigal for organizing this effort.

Artwork created by families of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office


We are so grateful to the loyal and generous listeners of the Ross Kaminsky Show on 630 KHOW Denver's Talk Station who raised more than $7,500 to feed health care and emergency workers and then chose the ACSO as one of the recipients.

Administrative Technician Carolyn Goodrich enjoys a Subway sandwich

Also, a huge thank you to Roy and Wei Vanderhoef, owners of the Subway restaurant at 12155 Lioness Way in Parker. THANK YOU to each and every one of you for supporting our agency and for your kindness and generosity. We salute you and are always here for you!

Sheriff Tyler Brown joins Host Ross Kaminsky on the radio on April 11. Listen below.


It’s usually homeowners who are the victims of concrete driveway scams, but now contractors are also becoming victims -- and they’re being bilked out of thousands of dollars and many hours of work. Watch as our sheriff's office investigator talks to FOX31 News about the latest scam to look out for.


If you're a senior living in Arapahoe County and feel isolated during the coronavirus quarantine, why not sign up for our Senior Check-In program? You'll receive a weekly call from a volunteer citizen to make sure you're okay. If there's no response, we'll even send a deputy to your home.

On the flip side, if you're a citizen looking for a way to help your community during this time, we're also looking for volunteers to make those check-in calls. Watch the video below to see how the program works and click the button below to find out if you're eligible and how you can help.



We all have them. We all get sticker shock at the price of them. Like it or not, license plates and the cost of them are just a part of driving in our state. So how do you avoid a ticket when it comes to your plates?

Colorado allows a 30 day grace period to renew your plates -- meaning you have an additional month to get your vehicle registration after the expiration date shown on your sticker. However, this grace period is only for renewal of your metal plates. It does not cover temp tags.

A temp tag expires on the date printed on the tag. Often times drivers say they thought they had another month beyond the printed expiration date. Being aware of this can keep you from being cited. The DMV also has a reminder printed on the back of our registration cards which explains the grace period.

Sold vehicles create another problem. Sometimes well-intentioned sellers will leave their license plates on the vehicle they’ve sold. This is a bad idea. What often happens is sellers learn their license plates are being used on E-470, or have racked up parking tickets in another city. This can cause a major headache for the plate owner!

When you sell your vehicle, you're required to remove your plates. They are yours. You paid for them and they list back to you. Why would you let someone drive off with them?

The other side of that issue covers the buyer. What do you do when you buy a used car from a private party and the seller removes their plates? The state allows you to drive your purchased vehicle for 36 hours from the time of sale with no registration providing you have the signed and dated bill of sale with you and proof of insurance for the vehicle. The 36 hour window allows for a driver who bought a car on Saturday to be able to drive it until they can get to DMV on Monday morning to get a temp tag. 

Many of these license plate violations fall under that old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With a little awareness on the part of drivers, paying the state extra money can be avoided!

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Unit.


April 13-17 was "Telecommunicators Week" dedicated to the men and women who serve as 911 dispatchers. It was a time to celebrate and thank them for serving the public. On April 15, the sheriff's office awarded Sam Supinger our "Telecommunicator of the Year!"

Dispatcher Sam Supinger (left) receives the sheriff's office "Telecommunicator of the Year" award from Cathy Raley, Communications Manager (right).

Sam also won Colorado's Telecommunicator of the Year award too! The prestigious statewide award was given for her dedication to the sheriff's office, outstanding customer service, positive attitude and her cool and calm demeanor under pressure. Congratulations Sam, we are so proud of you and honored to have you on our staff.

Our 911 dispatchers are a lifeline to the citizens of Arapahoe County, which is why they were recently classified as first responders (watch video below). So if you get the chance, please thank a police, fire or EMS dispatcher and let them know how much they're appreciated. They work tirelessly to keep our community and our deputies safe and they deserve a big THANK YOU!

Humanizing The Badge

Our deputies responded to a lost child near S. Dayton and E. Peakview in Centennial. While waiting for a relative to pick him up, the boy thought it would be hilarious to wrap the deputies up in caution tape! The things we do for children...
“Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.” --Amit Ray. Sgt. Sherrill and Sgt. Workman are making the best of masks and keeping our community safe!

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