We Keep your flexible endoscopes up & running

Flexible Endoscope Tip Protectors: Protect the distal end of your endoscopes during storage, transportation, and pre-cleaning. The vented design is available for both large and small diameter scopes.
Flexible Endoscope Leak Testers: Help protect your flexible endoscopes from costly overhauls with our digital and handheld leak testers. The digital leak tester display shows a pressure reading and includes an adapter of your choice. The dry handheld leak tester has a quick release switch that allows air to escape immediately.
VerifEye® Video Borescope: This product allows you to examine the full length of each lumen inside your endoscope. High resolution visualization of previously inaccessible areas allows you to inspect for damage and residual bioburden.

Broken endoscope? We can help: STERIS IMS can repair and maintain most endoscope models including Olympus® EUS/EBUS ultrasound endoscopes. We offer inventory inspections at no charge.

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