The Evolution of Music 1960 - 2010

Music Of The Centuries

From the 1960's to the 2010's music has dramatically changed more so every decade. From Psychedelic rock along with Folk rock to disco, funk, smooth jazz, and a little more rock just 10 years later. Music in our world is constantly changing and evolving and I hope this presentation gives you a better understanding of how and when.

The 60's

(The Doors - The Rolling Stones - The Beatles)

The 60's were basically the rise of rock and roll. We all know that Rock and Roll started way back into the 50's, however bands never really became known until people started moving away from their modest ways. The most popular bands that came from this era were mostly 4 man bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, Hollies, and Jackson 5 with one of the first five man bands, to play more than one genre including Classical Soul, Pop, R&B Soul, Contemporary R&B, Disco, Holiday, and last but not least Rock music. These bands were mainly the bands that broke the boundaries set by past bands in the 40's and 50's for instance. For example The Doors were the first band swear in their popular song "The End" on their debut album.

The 70's

(Pink Floyd - Led Zeppelin)

The 70's consisted of a lot of rock from mainly bands including Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and AC DC. Jimmy Page lead guitar for Led Zeppelin said that their first album was recorded in 30 hours and that they were so busy touring the second one took over eight months because of it.

The 80's

The 80's consisted of Hard rock and heavy/glam metal Alternative rock and Soft rock. An example of a band that did just rock and close to all types of rock were Guns N' Roses. Two bands formed two one and even the name got split down the middle and added together. The name Guns N Roses was formed due to an amalgamation of two bands in 1985. Axl Rose’s band, Hollywood Rose combined with Tracii Gun’s band, L.A. Guns and hence formed the name of the new band Guns N Roses and a new generation of rock Throughout the mid 80's and early 90's the band won 9 music awards including Best Rock Video for "You could be mine" and Best Group for "O sweet child of mine". They had an outstanding years of rock and roll. They band never really broke up, but after years went by they slowly drifted away from one another.

(Michael Jackson - David Bowie - Guns N' Roses)

The 90's

(Snoop Dogg - Notorious B.I.G. - Tupac Shakur)

The 90's was a rap revolution. Tupac was an inspiration to all young black males, whether involved in gang violence or not. In 1996 he won best Rap Video for his "California Love" remix and again in 1999 he won two nominations for "Changes" one of his biggest hits ever with Best Rap Video and Best Editing. Such huge rivals that after their deaths conspiracy's broke out, with some claiming they saw them kill each other, but aside the fact bot great music artist. Notorious B.I.G. was nominated Best Rap Video in 1997 for "Hypnotize [Explicit]" and in 1998 he won Viewer's Choice Award, Video of the Year and Best Rap video for "Mo Money Mo Problems". Snoop Dogg was nominated Billboard Music Award for Top Male Artist in 1994 and also nominated MTV Music Award for Best Music Video for his hit song album "Doggy Doggy World" from his album Doggystyle.

The 2000's

The 2000's mainly consisted of Hip Hop / Rap, Pop and Contemporary R&B, aside from rock still left over in the circulation of the world from the 70's and 80's.. Eminem was named Eminem Favorite New Male Artist and to follow that up in 2001 he was named Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Rap Artist, and Favorite CD with The Marshall Mathers LP mixtape. Beyonce's song "Independent Women Part I" from the album Destiny's Child 100 Peaked at Number 1 for 11 weeks starting November 18, 2000. Usher was nominated five time for Favorite Pop / Rock Male Artist, Favorite Pop / Rock Album, Favorite Soul / R&B Album, Favorite Soul / R&B Artist, and last but not least Artist of the Year all in the 2004 American Music Awards

(Eminem - Beyonce - Usher)

The 2010's

Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop taking over the twenty-first century with a little R&B still in the game from Usher. Logic's album The Incredible True Story went number one in R&B / Hip Hop. Nicki Minaj won the BET award for Best New Artist in 2010 and Drake in 2010 Best Hip Hop Video for his song Forever and also awarded Best Male Video for another song by him called Find Your Love.

(Logic - Nicki Minaj - Drake)
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