St Werburghs City Farm Welcomes You

St Werburghs City Farm are calling on you, the community, to help us in forming a strategy development group. This group will be comprised of approximately 10 'advocates' with specific areas of interest and will act as St Werburghs City Farm's action research group

St Werburghs City Farm seeks to become a place which is welcoming to all communities and cultures and to connect with and empower local people in its work. Building on the farm’s Equity Report and lessons learned during 2020, St Werburghs City Farm has decided to reassess its strategy for the future.

The new strategy will be inclusive of diverse voices in our local community and will lead the farm towards becoming a more adaptable organisation - able to respond to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.


  • To redefine the organisational vision
  • To inform the development of a 3-year operational plan
  • To create a mechanism and model for sustained and meaningful stakeholder consultation

What are we looking for ?

The ten ‘advocates’ will comprise of people from the community, who we hope will act as representatives. Whilst we acknowledge that no single individuals can represent the views of an entire group, focus areas have been utilised to ensure that the voice and opinion of marginalised individuals are considered in the process.

What will you do?

Each advocate will be asked to focus on the interests of the stakeholder groups mentioned below. Although not set-in stone, these stakeholder groups will comprise of:

  1. Each advocate will be asked to focus on the interests of the stakeholder groups mentioned below. Although not set-in stone, these stakeholder groups will comprise of:
  2. An advocate for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Communities
  3. An advocate for the Climate, Nature and Wildlife
  4. An advocate for Local Residents
  5. An advocate for working class individuals and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds
  6. An advocate for Farm Staff Members
  7. An advocate for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  8. An advocate for Disability & Accessibility
  9. An advocate for Young People (18-25yrs)
  10. An advocate for Children (Under 18 years: You may be part of this age group or be a professional who works with this age group)
  11. An advocate for Parents
  12. An advocate for LGBTQ+ Individuals
Each advocate will compensated with a £50 voucher to the store of your choosing for each session. Resignation from this role is permitted at any stage. This role will take place online as a result of COVID-19. St Werburghs City Farm will ensure access to resources, training and technology for all advocates who require, to take part in online meetings

Who are we looking for?

  • We seek individuals who have an interest or are keen to learn more about nature, farming and the environment
  • We seek individuals who demonstrate a desire to treat others with respect, and who aspire to being inclusive
  • We seek individuals who wish to support St Werburghs City Farm and to create positive social change

We have also included quotas on the advocates to ensure that we have the widest variety of input possible. These quotas include:

  • 40% Male, 40% Female allowing 20% variance for male or female genders, or individuals who identify as non-binary
  • A minimum of 40% should be from BAME communities

How will the sessions run?

Initially the sessions will be facilitated by Dr. Adelaine of Ladders or Action, assisted by The Network Project. However, as the group evolves it is anticipated that group members will take an increasingly active lead putting forward their opinions which will lead to tangible changes to the farm strategy.

If English is your second language and you would like help from a translator to apply please email office@swcityfarm.co.uk or call 07545 557001 by Monday 8th March and we will arrange this.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 12th March

Complete a paper or online application form in English by clicking the link below: