Third Sunday of Lent, John 4:5-42 Jesus Makes People Believe

At that moment his disciples returned,

and were amazed that he was talking with a woman,

but still no one said, "What are you looking for?"

or "Why are you talking with her?"

I believe the theme of this reading is how everyone should be considered equal. No matter what the circumstances may be. Back in the day women weren't ever talked to in terms of personal things by men. It was a taboo to the society and often looked upon with surprise for they were just housewives. Jesus went against this norm and did what was right.

I learned from these scripture readings that God cared for women and men's problems alike. He would help anyone no matter the case. This is something we can add to our lives when put in a situation of peer pressure in terms of helping a certain person.

If I was to communicate this to people at Carroll. I would stress that everyone is equal and don't feel like being judged to be a certain person's friend or at least be there for them. Demeanors like that will help the Carroll community grow ten fold.


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