Sprinkles Adventures By: Sadie Harris

Once upon a time there was a little water droplet named sprinkle, she was the smallest water droplet in her family. Sprinkle and her family was stuck in ground water storage for hundreds of years. It was really cramped down there, all they ever wanted to do is get out from the cold water.
One day the ground water started to flow, the water pulled them in. Sprinkle closed her eyes tight and then she was face to face with a fish. She was in a LAKE! Sprinkle and her family were stuck in the lake for a while. The water was gross and mucky, and all they wanted to do was get out of there.
It was a sunny day and the gross mucky water was bright and warm, all of a sudden she started rising and rising until sprinkle was out of the water, she just then figured out she was evaporating. Sprinkle saw a airplane on the way up and the big engines blew sprinkle and her family far away!

Excuse me, were am I?" Sprinkle asked another water droplet.

"You are in me" some voice said.

"Who said that??" Sprinkle questioned

"I am a cloud!!" The figure said.

"Okay!" Sprinkle screeched

Sprinkle picked up a fork and a knife and started digging in to the cloud.

"Ouch don't eat me, please don't make me cry!" The cloud said

"AHHHHHHHHH " Sprinkle said as she fell from the sky. She and her family tumbled down, down, down, as she fell into the warm Hawaii ocean.

Sprinkle hit the ocean with a BOOM and a splash! There were a lot of water droplets around them. Sprinkle stared in dis belief as if she saw a big dragon in the sky, the water droplets were wearing grass skirts!!

"Am i in Hawaii" sprinkle asked.

"You sure are" another water droplet said, the water droplet was the same size as sprinkle.

Sprinkle and her family have been in the ocean for 20 years now and Sprinkle is still loving the Hawaii life!! But one day the sun was warm and the blue water was as clear as day and she started to rise, and rise, until she was out of the water, she just then realized she was evaporating into the clouds.
Sprinkle traveled all over the world for hundreds of years, back to the clouds, than back to another ocean.
One rainy day Sprinkle finally became precipitation and rained onto the cold, hard ground and became ground water storage . But she wasn't there to stay she became ground water flow and went into the river were she was the rest of her life. She made lots of friends, and told her tales of traveling the word. And that was the end of Sprinkles adventures













Created By
Sadie Harris


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