Psychoanalytic Perspective


Unfortunately, I have a tendency to rationalize quite a bit. Because it is one of Freud's defense mechanisms, I use it at times when I am trying to defend actions that I know I probably were not very wise. For example, I often times rationalize doing fun things or hanging out with my friends on school nights by telling myself, "I'm a senior. I will only have a few more months with my friends. Why not!" While I know there is truth to what I'm saying, I know I am rationalizing and trying to justify my choices.

My friends and I making some masterpieces on a casual Wednesday night. Homework was saved for X:/


Often times I am a push over. I don't like confrontation or conflict, so I typically avoid it at all costs. This is a good thing in some ways, but other times it makes me seem more vulnerable. According to Freud, I could attribute this to having an overwhelmingly strong superego. Because the superego is responsible for telling us what the "right thing" to do is, I typically forgive and forget instead of standing up for myself at times when I should.

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