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"Another Planet"

By Dunya Mikhail

The poem relates to me because I left my country looking for a better life. At the time I left my country, it was the beginning of the awful things that happen now in my country. It was hard because we left family and friends we had for years.


By Edgar Poe

The poem relates to me because when I was a child I was kind a different from the other kids. Most of the time I was alone. They were richer than me. Although I was happy with my life and that didn't stop me from continuing my life.

Taking One for The team

By Sara Holbrook

This poem relates to me because I've been on a team before. We won games and lost some. All the time we had each other's back. And I think that was the reason why were a successful team. Being part of a team showed me that the team is not just playing a game then leavening. It's to make friends that would help you even off the field.

The poem "Words about betrayal of friends"

By Reem Ryan

It is really unfortunate to look for honesty in the age of treason, looking for love in the hearts of a coward. The most despicable people is the one who gives you his back and you desperately need the grip of his hand. Do not ask me about betrayal? I do not think there are words that can describe. Every traitor makes himself a thousand excuses to convince himself that he has done the right thing.

I relates this poem to me because I sadly had an experience with a fake friend. once you find out how fooled you were and how much you have done to them and you end up getting stepped in the back it's hard for you to trust anyone anymore.

The poem "The most beautiful expressions of friendship"

By Heba Tabba

(The poem was in Arabic and was translated to English)

.Friendship is a small word in its size, but it is great in its meaning and content, and it is the most beautiful thing in existence, which is the essence of man and is authentic. When we talk about friendship, we talk about love, loyalty, trust, and loyalty. Friendship is one of the most important human values ​​in life. It is the other side that is not bright for love but is the stainless face

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that a person can have. People feel safe because there is someone standing by him and support him in hard situations that they might face. For example when I had a hard time my friends stand by me and helped me to through my problems.

The poem "family"

By Reem Ryan

The family is the warm place to resort to when the person tired or drown in the sea of ​​the world, there is no more beautiful family atmosphere when they sit with each other and speak and make fun, and the family is completed only with the presence of parents, here in this article brought you the most beautiful words that talk about the family, I hope you like it

This poem relates to me because my family are the only people I feel safe talking to because they always tell me to do things that always right. I'm blessed for having them in my life.

The poem " Funny poetry about school"

By Rami Abu Omar

This poem relates to me because right now I don't like school for some reason. I think it's boring but I know for sure that once I graduate, I will miss school and I will wish to go back. Every old person I've met they want to go back to school.


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