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Hour of Code

It's not too late to participate in Hour of Code this week! (December 5-11, 2016) Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. No experience is needed. Just dive in! (And if you don't have time this week, coding is a great critical thinking activity you can use anytime.) Be sure to send us photos of your students coding!

Shakopee DLCs have compiled great coding resources to help you get started. Or fill out a DLC request and we will help you plan or implement a coding event. Check out Shakopee examples below. Or check out for online resources and tutorials available in over 45 languages.

Sweeney Second Grade Hour of Code

Sweeney 2nd grade did a full grade level "dive in" experience with Hour of Code using coding app called Scratch Jr. Students learned how to create movement with various characters and backgrounds then moved into creating more complex programs. In one task their characters competed in a race. Students extended their learning through trial and error, collaboratively problem-solving and animating digital stories.

2nd grade Sweeney students coding with Scratch Jr.

Jackson Fourth Grade Hour of Code

Jackson 4th grade students participated in Hour of Code by using Kodable on their Chromebooks. If you haven't checked out Kodable, rest assured, you do not need coding experience to teach it! There are many teacher resources that will walk you through the elements of coding. You'll also find highly engaging activities to use with your students right now! Kodable is also available as an iPad app.

Jackson 4th grade using Kodable on their Chromebooks

West Junior High

Algebra 1 students created a Google Form to gather data around a problem they wanted to solve or an issue they wanted to investigate. They used their data to create a scatterplot in the Numbers app. Then they pulled their findings together using Book Creator.

Teacher Reflection: I like how open-ended [Book Creator] is in regards to [student] creativity, they can create a project unique to them. I also like how simple it is to use. I rarely had questions about how to use it or its tools. One of the best things about the app, specifically, is hearing the kids’ verbal descriptions of the pieces of their project. It really shines a light on their understanding of the content and how it relates to their personally chosen, collected data. It really allows them to interact with the content. In addition to book creator I also had students using Google Forms, Google Sheets, and the Numbers app. It was the first time we had used them this year, so next year I would have them use those apps for an activity earlier in the semester leading up to the project.

Shakopee High School

Interior Design students learned about the model of Feng Shui and had to create a video to pitch that design model to a client. They used iMovie, Pixabay, and Google Drive to complete their project. Students researched the topic of feng shui for their client’s specific needs, organized a presentation with a script, organized the visuals for the video using a storyboard. Their final projects were compiled using iMovie.

12th grade English students are completing an in-depth scene analysis using EdPuzzle. Once they find the right scene in YouTube they write a script detailing what they plan to say. Then they use EdPuzzle’s project assignment feature to add audio notes to the scene they found on YouTube. Students are required to think critically about their scene and effectively communicate elements of their scene to the class.

Breakout EDU

AVID students at the High School participated in their first Breakout. It was a great to see students so engaged in inquiry, problem solving, and collaboration. Breakout can be adapted to focus on content specific skills or general skills such as collaboration. Students complete the activity by reflecting on the process of what makes a successful breakout. Stay tuned.... Junior High AVID students will be breaking out soon!

The DLC team has several Breakout EDU kits and would love to co-facilitate a workshop in your classroom or with your staff. To learn more about Breakout EDU, check out this video. There are breakout activities for all ages!

Professional Learning Opportunities

Become an Apple Teacher

The Apple Teacher program is an amazing and FREE program that helps you unlock the creative and productivity-enhancing capabilities of your iPad and Mac! Here's great opportunity to get ideas directly from Apple, then complete a few online quizzes and earn an official Apple Teacher logo that you can share!

DLC Challenge! One Caribou gift card left! Show your completed badges for Apple Teacher @shakopeedlc #AppleTeacher #shakoEDU & win a Caribou gift card courtesy of your DLCs.

Professional Learning Courses in Canvas

Teaching with iPads & MacBooks | DLCs have created three fantastic courses to support teaching with devices. The courses are self-paced and you can earn CEUs. Plus, they are chock full of helpful reminders and pro tips! These digital learning courses should be your go-to when you're looking for ideas or reminders! Look for more self-paced digital learning options this fall.

CEU Requirements | DLCs have collaborated with content experts to create engaging self-paced courses in Canvas that meet relicensure requirements including EL and Behavior. For more information about relicensure check out the CEU Committee FAQ.

Finding a Canvas PD course you have enrolled in already: Log in to Canvas and check your Dashboard (left sidebar) for the course name. If you don't see the course, check Courses then All Courses. If you click the star this course will show up on your Dashboard in the future for easy access. For example, if you recently enrolled in the PD for Certified Staff course, find it and favorite it for later!

Getting started: If you have not recently enrolled in the Certified Staff PD course, click on the link below then choose Enroll and Go to Course.

MasteryPaths is now available for you to use with students! Simply go to your course settings, click on feature options, and turn on MasteryPaths. This feature gives you the ability to create a path for students to follow based on how they perform on an assignment or assessment. For example, you could create a pre-assessment and then automatically assign different content based on their score on that pre-assessment. Click here for more information about MasteryPaths.

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