Exploring Art at the Harn Museum By Jared grigas

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the artist: Though this sculpture-painting hybrid may seem rather unimposing in its two-dimensional form, I assure you it is quite a different story when observed merely inches away, in person. The medium of choice in this case, was terra cotta, which gives this piece named Idolo ("idol") a distinctly African feel. Due to its unique terra cotta canvas, this piece became easily the most distinctive within its particular exhibit. Personally, I felt an almost calming feeling as I looked at the simplicity of this artwork, yet its intrinsic value still lies within its distinctive medium.
Design of the museum: While the African wing captivated me with its peculiar tribal garbs, and the Asian wing soothed me with its quaint oriental garden, I found this pictured wing to be most eccentric of all. While the modest chamber appears to be entirely devoid of any real art, the true power of this chamber lies in its minimalist essence. I believe the curator of this particular wing intended a profound sociopolitical metaphor when designing this thought provoking chamber.
Art and Core Values: Pictured here is a painting of the Jefferson Market Courthouse in Greenwich Village, New York. This piece spoke to me because both my parents are from New York and it is a frequent travel destination for my entire family. Upon realizing this painting depicted New York, I found it interesting for another reason: its mode of depiction. Typically, pictures I've seen of New York involve a blurred city scape, the entire city melding together as a single entity. However, this picture is drawn with noticeably rigid lines, as noted by the informational blurb next to the picture. Perhaps, this is to contrast the relative calm of Greenwich Village with the busting chaos of downtown Manhattan.
Pictured here is a more contemporary painting of a busy marketplace. What I noticed almost immediately was the contrast seen among the subjects of the picture. The shoppers appear to be women of means, while the merchants appear as one might expect a street merchant to do. This calls to mind the importance of aesthetics, particularly in the section on embodying the good life. The women shopping are all wearing trendy fashionable clothing, reflecting their life of luxury, which for them, is likely critical in pursuing the good life. The merchants, by contrast, are seen wearing modest gowns, reflecting their lack of concern for fashion trends.

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