The Divine Permission to use photo from julio

When I entered the auditorium, I was surprised by how cold it was inside. We later concluded it was more for the actors comfort than the audiences. My seat location was in the front row so I had to move my feet every time the actors walked in front of me so that they didn’t trip which was slightly annoying. Once the lights dimmed I thought I probably should make sure my phone was on silent. The size of the auditorium had absolutely no affect on the experience since over 75 percent of the auditorium was behind me. Location, location, location. It has everything to do with the good life. I have yet to meet someone that said they wanted to live in a cardboard box or go somewhere miserable for fun. Location for a good life is different for everyone.

Theatre faces-

I went with my friend Julio, the other person in the intro slide. To get ready for the performance I literally put on my normal everyday clothes and left (for I was not aware of any special dress code). Having a person with me was nice mostly because it made the experience more bearable. I don’t think shared experiences are important to have a good life since a person could be content with only doing things by themselves.


Poor working conditions and a demoralized church are the main topics. I had a basic understanding of the topic but other than that gave it no thoughts. The play did not really change any of my views about the topics. No I have not been raped by a priest or had to work in overly poor conditions so I can say that the play does not relate to anything happening in my current life.


The Divine acts as a sort of satire that allows the audience to view the events from the outside without actually having to go through them. This lets the audience think about and judge the actions that may or may not pertain to issues in current times. It makes topics that are hard to talk about easier to communicate with others later on.


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