NESRender Power™️ The 8-bit magazine you’ll love

The new magazine from Studio Takuetsu is looking for volunteers. NESRENDER POWER covers the retro & current NES scene.

From the amazing “the Wizard” film to the growing NESMaker dev community we want to report on it. We’re seeking writers, artists, journalistsresearchers to join our small team. We’re publishing the magazine with no backing and out of pocket. A digital and On-demand print version will be released. Looking towards a 2019 issue one release.

* the cover art is a prototype mock-up

Join our Facebook group to start the volunteer process and for up-to-date information on our progress.


Ambitious to say the least

We’re taking a risk and printing a new niche magazine in 2018/2019. This is a passion project for many of us in the NES and retro community. Beyond the passion, beyond the nostalgia, we’re creating a document that covers the past and the future of the NES 8-bit generation.

Revisiting the past with relevant topics pertaining to the readers of today.
Reviews of old and new NES related movies.
Revisiting the War between friends.


Will “Constantine”
Artist of print and film. Director of the “Anime Related” documentary series. 3D toy prototyper, Poster printer, comic books creator and more.
Life of Agony show at Sherman Theater, PA

Based in NY, Studio Takuetsu (which means excellence in Japanese) is a micro company that produces DVDs, music, film and the world famous music subscription box “Moshboxx™️” (http://moshboxx.com).

Will (the CEO) is lead creative at the studio. A professional musician on his downtime is working on his third studio album with his Hardcore band while also writing for his game’s OST (Die Killer I™️). Die Killer I™️ is concurrently being developed for the Nintendo 3DS, Switch port, and original NES.

Christina Brooks

Artist - Graphic Illustration

Jay Anthony Myles


"Journalist? Nah, I just play one on TV." lvl 32 , will talk to you endlessly about how great of a game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" is. Favorite NES games: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Remote Control, Snake, Rattle, & Roll, Trog. Will not touch a Super Mario Bros. game (unless it's Super Mario RPG).

Rally Black

Virtual Journalist

Dale Coop

NESMaker Tutorials

A French-developer and retro-game lover. Plus a NESMaker addict.

Amanda J.


Public Info: Sega fanatic, game store manager, and collector of all of history's rejected video game platforms.

Contact info: c_bb_04@hotmail.com

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