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First Photo Assignment: Macon Photo

The iconic bear statue stands at one side of the University Center at Mercer University, facing Cruz Plaza. With the orange signs in the background, people could recognize that the photo is taken in Macon.

Environmental Portrait

Zhihao Wu, a Mercer junior students, majors in music performance and plays cello in many Mercer student orchestra concerts. He usually spends extre time practicing his skills in the practice room in McCorkle Music Building.
Zhihao Wu, a Mercer junior students, majors in music performance and plays cello in many Mercer student orchestra concerts. He usually spends extre time practicing his skills in the practice room in McCorkle Music Building.

Cherry Blossom Feature Photos

On the right is Jasper County Shrine Club representative waving at the crowd on the 35th Annual Parade of Cherry Blossom Festival. The club, a unit of the Ainad Shrine Temple in Illinois, was founded in 1978 and aimed to support the shriners' hospitals and local community.

Also on the 35th Annual Parade, Macon-Bibb Fire Department group interacted with the crowd by waving.

On the 35th Annual Parade, the crowd also watched the marching band perfromance from various schools. On the right presents Twiggs County High School Marching Cobra Band.

Central High School Marching Sugarbear Band performing.
Powerful moves of Southwest High School Marching Band.

Sports Action

April 14, 2017, Stratford Boys Varsity Soccer against Northside, Columbus.
Stratford Academy Boys Soccer played against Northside High School, Columbus at home April 14 and won with 3-2.

Photo Story: Macon is Preservation

Many people have seen the bar outside the used-to-be Capricorn Recording Studio. It is true that Historic Macon Foundation has been devoted to preserve buildings with historical value but the property is currently owned by a local businessman Bryan Nichol rather than the organization. However, the sign explains the goal of the organization: to preserve historical places.

Located on the second floor of Sidney Lanier Cottage (935 High St.) is the headquater of Historic Macon Foundation. Since 1964, it has been active in revitalization and preservation of local historical architectures. Today, it becomes one of the leading preservation organization in the nation with the completion of nearly 150 houses.

The first floor of the cottage remains the museum for Maconite Sidney Lanier. The staircase leads to the office for Historic Macon Foundation on the second floor.
Loan Fund Manager Lauren Mauldin said, the second floor is usually messy. The staff has constantly been busy with the preservation work. And their effort has been paid off.
The two completed projects are also found in Beall's Hill neighborhood (924 and 932 Ash St.). There are four in this row and one of them has recently been sold.
Right across from the four completed projects on Ash Street are a set of buildings under construction. As soon as the revitalization is done, the houses will be sold to the community to complete to mission of preservation.

Starting from 2015, Historic Macon Foundation has been publishing an endangered list, known as "Macon's Fading Five," that includes five endangered sites in Macon annually. On the one hand, the list is expected to raise awareness about historic structures and places that are threatened by neglect or possible demolition. On the other hand, it helps preservation organizations create strategic plans for saving significant historic resources in the community, according to the organization's offical website.

The houses under reconstruction on Ash Street will have the original structures saved when the projects are completed. The doors, windows, walls and the floor will be renewed.
Due to the lack of specialized workers, the reconstruction on the Ash Street porjects has been paused for a few weeks.
Historic Macon's Preservation Designer Sabrinna Cox said, restoring a historical building is different from building a new one. The workers need to acquire crafting and masonry skills and the lack of qualified employees is a nationwide problem for organizations of building preseravation.
During the time when the reconstruction has been paused, Cox will come to the houses occasionally to fix the windows.
Occassionally, the organization will hold certain events to raise fund. The third Tuesday of every month is designated to be the day for an events committee meeting. Historic Macon Foundation Special Events and Marketing Coordinator Emily Hopkins will explain the plan for up-coming events to the volunteers from community.
Susan DiRenzo and Mary Virginia Gage attended the meeting on Apr. 18. In detail, they discussed about the events including the preparation of the Flea Market before November and the plan for Design, Wine and Dine in June.

This summer, Historic Macon Foundation will open a new page by moving into a new office on 338 Poplar St. The office, promising space more staff members, is converted from a historical buidling that has been a boxing arena.

This side of the new office is designated to be a resting place for the staff. At present, the workers climb up the ladder from here to fix the roof of the main building.
The interior construction is also under the way. It is expected to be finished sometime between the end of June and mid-July.
Some marks from the past can still be identified on the wall and the floor inside the building.
The design of the new office.
Michelle Garlington, wife of Historic Macon Foundation Executive Director Ethiel Garlington, explained the blueprint of the new office on the preservation committee meeting April 13.
Historic Macon Foundation Preservation and Education Coordinator Kim Campbell answered the detailed inquiries from the committee members about the future planning of the new office.
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Photo by Jiali Chen for JMS235 Spring semester 2017, Mercer University.

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