Vocabulary By natalie colon

Circumference: the distance around and area/circle

Circumnavigate: to sail around completely

Circumscribe: having limits. Life has limits

Circumspect: picky about yourself undecided

Think to much about yourself and the way you look

Circumstance: the effect

The storm

Circumvent: to avoid to not get involved go the other way

Not this way the other way

Compassion: to show how you feel twords someone


Composure: your outwards operance

This is her outwards apprentice she doesn't care

Encounter : to come close to one to witness

She is encountering this koala

Spontaneous: to do quickly without a thought.

This guy just slept here he had a spontaneous idea


Created with images by Dr Noah Lott - "Vocabulary - Words Are Important" • GioBertPhoto - "Circles" • TheCreativePenn - "Sailing a cutter, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand" • jetportal - "LIFE DEATH" • jeurey - "thinking angel small" • Lenny K Photography - "Sydney Harbour Bridge to the City" • adreson - "Go!" • JoeMcDonagh - "climbing rose heavily scented compassion" • BM10777 - "koala phascolarctos cinereus woman" • byzantiumbooks - "Lunch with Pigeons"

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