Line Orientation By samuel novInger

Main Objective : Students will be able to capture line orientation by photographing and arranging everyday objects/locations out by mural wall

Essential Question : How does line orientation of an everyday object affect the viewers perception while looking at a photograph?



DIRECTION : refers to implied movement of a line.

CONTINUITY or linear flow, can enhance direction.

Actual Lines : complex forms simply and eloquently

What is the dominant orientation of the lines in your photograph-diagonal, continuous curves, vertical, or horizontal?

Take time to visualize and capture line orientations by arranging the everyday objects and then photographing them. Take your photos out by the mural wall and capture 4 photos. Make sure to edit and enhance photos taken. We will be having a photo critique tomorrow be ready to share what you've captured.

Everyday Objects

Here are examples of product shots using line orientation

Diagonal and Continuous Curves
Horizontal Lines
Continuous curves
Vertical and Diagonal Lines
Vertical lines
Continuous curves
Continuous curves
Continuous curves
Continuous Curves and Diagonal Lines

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