Tyler's Portfolio The Images used are for Educational purposes only

UNIT A- In this image I used the crop and marquee tool to crop out the rest of the image then I dragged and rotated the image so the lady appeared to have a different posture.
UNIT B- In this image I used the magic wand tool to crop out the apple out of the image. Then I used the move tool to drag the apple to the black area.
UNIT C- In this image I duplicated the moons and changed their sizes with the move tool and using the set rotation text box on the options bar.
UNIT D- In this image I used the levels adjustment layer to adjust the colors slider and the history panel to see the changes from the original image to the edited one.
UNIT E- I used the gradient editor dialog box to change the gradient swatches then added the sunset gradient as a new layer, then I positioned the layer with the cursor.
UNIT F- In this image I had to make a mask. First, I masked the edges of the sandals with a brush tool and then I made a selection on the masking layer.
UNIT G- In this image, I sharpened the image with the high pass filter. I added noise to the image and filled it with gray when i clicked high pass in the filter menu bar.
UNIT H- In this image, I used the clone stamp tool. I copied one of the geese in the image and added it to the other side of the image. Instead of having 3 birds in the image, there is 4.
Final- I added blue streaks in my hair with the brush tool and used the liquefy tool on my eyes.
Final- I used the ruler and split the image in half then used the healing brush to remove any blemishes then the dodge tool to whiten my teeth.
Final- I cropped my self out of an image and applied it to the Eiffel Tower image and changed the size.
Final- I cropped out a horse head and applied it to a cougar standing by a creek. I then used the brush tool to sharpen up the connection between the horse and cougar.


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