Ban This Song By The Ballard Brothers


2013 | Folk

“Ban the french fries & the softdrinks, potato chips and hot links. -- We must protect our daughters and our sons. -- Ban the violence in football and if you know what's good ya'll, most of all we gotta ban those guns."


  • The band was brought together thanks to parody videos they created as part of Glenn Beck's "Arguing With Idiots Video Contest." They met at a finalists event in NYC and hit it off.
  • The song was produced in only two weeks time, with Branch writing it and recording a rough copy, sending it the band's producer in Tulsa, and the group coming together to create the music video.
  • He explained the song was inspired by the top 10 causes of accidental death, which include car accidents, poisoning and drowning to name a few. "The point is using the same logic, if we are going to ban guns, which is number 7 on the list, ...then you have to ban all these other things," Branch said.


Luke Tatum

I guess I totally missed this one back in 2013. I absolutely love it! It punctures in a profound way flimsy balloon of an idea that we can just ban things that are bad. I'm not the first one to say this by any means, but why don't we just ban murder? That would solve the problem right away! If you can see why that is foolish, you can also see why "ban the X" is a foolish campaign, even before you solve for X. Incredibly fun song.

Sherry Voluntary

Did you hear? The Ballards are putting out a new song about the Trump gun bans and red flag laws? No? Yeah, me neither. While these doofuses are right, and I appreciate the anti-regulation message of this song. I feel I would be remiss if I didn't point out the hypocritical Republican silence on the gun issue when it comes to a Republican president. Not only that, the bubbas don't seem to mind banning things like gay marriage, drugs, filming police, or wearing masks during protests. You see, Republicans and Democrats are the same people. They may disagree on issues, but there is one thing they all agree on and it's the most important: State force for things they want. Don't believe the hype y'all, they're all terrible.

Nicky P

This very silly song by what I presume are some individuals I have little in common with IE republicans covers in a very specific way a topic we haven't addressed head on. I think it's been implied in nearly everything we've written but it makes sense it deserves at least one stand-alone write-up. The song pokes fun at the idea of banning guns by coming up with a litany of other equally silly things to ban. I look forward to Sherry's write-up on this song which I assume is gonna include the term bubbas at least a hundred times.

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Nicky P