Changing our World Agriculture and ENVIRONMENT By Renae Matar


Altering biomes refers to the way we change and configure our biosphere to create and/or produce food and non-food agriculture.


In Southeast Asia, land terracing has been done for many years in the production of rice.Terracing is the process of hills or mountains divided in to a series of flat surfaces or platforms. Irrigation is used by channeling water from a river through the fields of rice.

Irrigation and Rice

Impacts on Biospheres

HYDROSPHERE: Rice terracing notably improved the irrigation systems. As it rains throughout the months the terraces collect the seeping rain water that is running under the ground.

LITHOSPHERE: The terraces are dug into the ground, meaning that the lithosphere has to be changed. This technique that has been used decreases the cause of erosion and keeps the soil full of nutrients

Rubber Production

Also done in Southeast Asia, the production of rubber consists of cutting a 'sliver' of wood in a rubber tree and connects a bucket to leave for six hours to dry out the tree of its latex. Thousands of hectares of land have been configured to fit and have rubber trees grown.

Impacts on Biospheres

HYDROSPHERE: Natural rain water has been used to water these trees, meaning that no changes have been made to the hydro systems to impact the hydrosphere. Unless irrigation has been used to water

LITHOSPHERE: Hectares of land have been removed to produce rubber trees. the trees have been planted in natural habitats and and that could be used as farming or for horticulture uses

Food Security

what is food security?

Food security is a problematic chaos due to:

  • Rising population
  • Differing diets
  • Changing impacts on our biospheres

Rising Population

Population Growth

The main problem with food security is the rising population:

  • In just over 80 years our population has risen from 7.4 billion to 11.2 billion persons.
  • Food stipulation will not meet our food supply
  • Alarming growing and reproducing rate.

Differing Diets

In the map shown on the board, differing our diets could impact and change the way this graph would look like:

  • Westernised diets consists of having large proportions
  • Containing large amounts of poultry, specifically meat.

what can we do to fix this?

  • consider that the world will still be hungry no matter what and there will still be people in need,
  • Cutting down on proportions
  • saving food for our present and future selves
  • help this situation and help us to continue and figure out more options and ideas to fix this problem


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