cop by zaharyosoria

what they do cops helps us stay safe they also keep bad people and drugs off the streets they also do drug bust they also drive around in cars pulling people over if they are driving fast or reckless.

work environment cops work inside and outside some work in cars some ride bikes some work on computers they all do different things to keep us safe it is not a easy job there is a lot to do cops get paid about 51,220 a year

how to become a cop you will need to go threw training so you know what and how to do it you will also need to have a good background because they will not let you become one if you are a criminal

the pay they get paid 51,220 a year that is not bad because the job they do s not easy also you can get paid more once you move up

the job out look you can be a cop at first then if you want to be something bigger you can move up to be a Constable sheriff or even swatt

state and area well here in kyle texas they have alot of cos there is because cops do eight hour shifts they wot say when because you can get called at night or the morning in the middle of the night it all depends when they need you

websites you can find all this stuff in criminal law enforcement or just law enforcement

career path way they have a program in high school called law enforcement witch teaches you how to become one or to show you what its like


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