The Viking Raiders By Jane

Chapter 1 The Begining.

“Hurry up sister,”shouted Edmund.

“Cousins always keep a promise and we said we’d get them some berries!”Leoba doodled along the muddy streets listening to the birds sing and the sheep bleating in the distant fields. Then she squinted at the sun to look at Edmund.

Chapter 2 Something Strange Is Going On...

“I’m coming, it’s not like if we don’t get the berries before the scent of fire dies out we’ll die.” Leoba murmured then rolled her eyes.She could see the horizon gleaming but there was something there, it was long like a long boat. “Edmund please stop, the Vikings are coming!” exclaimed Leoba. “Leoba this is no time for games.” moaned Edmund. Shivering rapidly, she pushed her fair hair into her silk cloak, pulled up the smooth hood and started sobbing into her shawl.The horizon was darkening, the stench of animals spread, it felt cold and sickening.

Chapter 3 Whats Happening?

As darkness edged closer to the village, the siblings knew that the berry bush wasn’t dark. Leoba clutched her jewel necklace while the mist was creeping in like an animal stalking its prey. Suddenly, feeling fear trickle down both their backs, they started picking the berries franticly. As Smoke and fear flooded the air they looked at each other. Leoba screeched. “The Vikings!”

Chapter 4 They Have Arrived!

The village was in flames. Woman were screaming while pulling their children tightly into their chests. Warriors fighting for their lives. Animals running crazily. Fire was towering above them bringing fear to anyone who dares defeat it. Even though fire was flooding the village, Leoba and Edmund felt cold like ice. Also both of their hearts were broken, this was the village they loved and always been in. In the old times, sheep bleated happily, birds sang many songs but now there were bleats of fear the birds were ether dead or in an unknown village. All hope was lost, you couldn't get any water from the beach because of Knorr ships filled it up also were filled with captures. At that moment, a fearsome warrior taller than a house wider than a tree grabbed them both and pulled them on a ship! It was lucky empty except from a cheerful sailor who smiled at them both as they walked by.

“Don’t smile, there are captures Olaf.” grunted the scaresome warrior who looked like a bull. There was a creak as the Knorr ship sailed out into the horizon leaving the village in ashes…

Chapter 5 A Long Way From Home.

The sea was black. Their hearts were filled with sorrow. Because it was nearly nightfall, Olaf led them down into a cabin. “Sleep here. In the morning you’ll have some bread and water now go to bed.” murmured Olaf. The cabin was squishy and dark it had a stench of rotting meat. It felt unfriendly, it looked unforgiving. You could hear the screaming of the warriors left in the village. Was it the end? At least they had Olaf or so they thought.

Chapter 6 Escaping!

The next morning was both dull and grey, both of them sat in their cabin listening to the waves while eating their breakfast. Olaf suddenly stormed in, then he asked them if they had any relatives in Cornwall. Fortunately they did, their Uncle and Aunty had no children and lived on a farm in a settlement. Surprisingly, Olaf stumbled out, a breeze of cold air loomed into their cabin. When Olaf brought them lunch , it was in a smelly tattered bag with a sort of brownish stick. Before he gave it to them, he opened a wooden door which had a tingle of seaweed. In there a tiny boat lay. “Get in.” whispered Olaf while undoing the knot it. “I’m taking you to Cornwall.”

It took a whole day to get there. They travelled through gales, luckily there were blankets as it was freezing.

Chapter 7 A New Home.

As soon as they got to Cornwall, all of them sat under a emerald green tree to take in the scents. It was cold there, so Edmund made a fire. Sparks flew everywhere like asteroids. Finally the fire died. Olaf took them to their Uncle and Aunty’s, fortunately the two of theirs younger sister was there. Greeting him goodbye, Olaf sailed into the sapphire speckled ocean . They would never see him again. Or would they?


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