AS90967 - Joseph Mendes Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence participation

On This blog I will be giving a response to activities that i have participated in

Turbo Touch

Date: 22/02/2017

Activity: Turbo touch

What is it? Turbo touch is a game requiring two teams with a minimum of 4 players aside. you may pass forwards and backwards however to create a possession of ball you will either have to touch the opposing player with ball or intercept a pass. in order to score there will be a try line on each side, which the player with ball must place ball inside to earn points.

Equipment needed: You will need a marked out area, a turbo touch ball, and a way to separate the teams (such as bibs and tags) so that the teams can identify their opposition.

The factor that influenced my participation today was... where the game was being held (indoors or outdoors). An example of this factor was... I was unsure of where the sport would be played and was unprepared if there were a change of plans. This was because... if it were indoors and i had brought gears for being outdoors i would not be able to participate in the activity therefore my participation would be affected negatively.

Self assessment: Merit

I have given myself this grade because... I did not only participate for myself but i felt that i played the sport to the best of my ability and tried to include as many participants as possible. Resulting in hard work to improve in not only this assessment but my own abilities as a person. Examples of this are... In turbo touch i would try my best to indicate my team mates on where to get a better position in order to create space and increase chances of scoring.

Crab Soccer

Date: 01/03/2017

Activity: Crab soccer

What is it? The game rules and style of soccer but played in a crab position.

Equipment needed: You will need the requirements the same as a soccer game such as; a soccer ball, field or court (indoor

The factor that influenced my participation today was... That it was a new game i had never experienced before. an example of this factor was... i was unsure about the rules and fundamentals of the game. This was because... i was learning the basics of the game and how to relate the sport to other sports to guide me.

Self Assessment: Achieved

I have given myself this grade because... not only did i not know the game but i felt that i did not give 100% in the sport either. As i did not take the sport seriously, resulting in not playing properly or abiding by the rules of the game. Examples of this are... standing up multiple times to cheat and retain the possession of the ball as well as ignore the fundamentals of the sport, soccer.


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