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When it comes to culture building we believe that it forms the basis of the dynamic between the students. Culture in its essence is the way they show appreciation, respect and compassion for each other. Not only does a healthy culture encourage growth it also makes for lots of fun.

“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion” – Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb

One of the culture practices in the communes is that before the Sunday service the students have “Family Time” where they can socialise, play games and discuss house matters. This is also the birth-place of house traditions and many secret handshakes. One of these practices is one to remember: The house has a system where they praise any positive achievement and also regale any funny moments that he week may have had. The student of appreciation is rewarded a tie for the week and the student with the truly silly moment a plank name plate. These traditions have been newly invented but also carried over many generations of Meta students.

Culture is valued in unity and makes for personal growth above what can be expected in terms individual cultivation. The combined effort of all the students in a positive collaboration naturally accelerates the rate at which personal revelation and change takes place. At the center of a home culture lies passion, a passion for those around you and to see them succeed. A reason behind healthy culture lies in choice and the realization that it is so. May we see an expanse in culture this year and an excellent heart of servant hood toward each other.

So, have you found your known culture? Be sure to do so, it might just change your life.
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