Waiting for... Pozzo? Jen & Gabi & Kaylee & Alyssah & Chace


Pozzo is God?

  • Little boy calls Pozzo God
  • Pozzo can make Lucky (his follower) dance, sing, recite, think
  • Pozzo says the land is his
  • Claims he isn't particularly human
  • "I am perhaps not particularly human, but who cares?"

Emil Sinclair and Kromer’s relationship in Demian closely reflected the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot. Both Lucky and Sinclair had to carefully make every choice with their “God” in mind in order to save themselves. Kromer and Pozzo are nothing without their power and the way they intimidate those beneath them makes others want to live their lives to please them in order to be satisfied, like the way Christians obey God to make it into heaven. Sinclair and Lucky at any moment could have just left them but they would have had to suffer the consequences, and they what would they have to live for. Like Lucky was in Godot he did not know how to function without is God telling his what to do.

Connection to something real

"When abraham's decendents were wanting a god to believe in, they questioned jesus in disbelief. Before there eyes, jesus healed a blind man proving that the person they were looking for to believe in was amongst them the whole time" john ch 7&8. Vladimir and Estragon were waiting for godot (their god to believe in). With evidence from the text, we can see that their god was actually Pozzo. He was with them them all along, much like Jesus was by the decendents all along.

Jesus curing blind man before their eyes

Connections to a real human


The Israelites waited for Moses, just like how Estragon and Vladmir waited for Godot.
Andrey Bobir

Inaction is a form of action. They are choosing to stay and suffer instead.


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