Adobe can provide your organisation with the building blocks that will empower you to understand your customers, and drive the most personalised, relevant experiences.

Uncovering Insight

Analysis Workspace from Adobe Analytics allows users to ask questions of the data on the fly, in real time and iterate at the speed thought, to any level of granularity with the ease of drag and drop.


Analysis Workspace provides the tools to help you navigate your way to deep customer insight, that can be immediately leveraged to drive personalised on-site experiences.

The Flow Visualisation

Understand the user experience and how your customers are navigating across your digital properties.

The next video illustrates how users can mix and match dimension types to determine not only the customer journey in terms of pages or site sections visited, but also the interactions made along the way.

The next video highlights additional functionality within the Flow visualisation, such as the option to create a segment based on individuals that have navigated a specific path.

Fallout Analysis

Understand how specific processes are performing for your business, such as the booking or registration process. Apply segments to the funnel to understand side by side, how different audiences perform within the funnel.

Segment Builder

Create audience segments directly from any data table, by selecting the values required or use the drag and drop canvas directly within Segment Builder itself. Segments can be shared to other Adobe Solutions natively, such as Adobe Target for testing and personalisation initiatives.

Build audience segments based on specific behaviours that have occurred in a specific order.

Adobe Analytics leverages advanced data science processes and machine learning to automatically surface and lift significant insight.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection uses machine learning to automatically identify and surface statistically significant spikes or dips in traffic, for any metric based on your historical data.

Intelligent Alerts

Going above and beyond threshold based alerts, intelligent alerts will only notify you when something truly significant has happened in the data. As part of the set up users can:

  • Build alerts based on anomalies (90%, 95%, or 99% thresholds; % change; above/below).
  • Preview how often an alert will trigger.
  • Send alerts by e-mail or SMS with links to auto-generated Analysis Workspace projects.
  • Create "stacked" alerts that capture multiple metrics in a single alert.

Adobe Target

Deliver the most relevant content to prospects and customers, with consistency across all digital touch points.

Key capabilities:

  • A/B Testing
  • Experience Targeting (rules based personalisation)
  • Multivariate testing (MVT)
  • Automated decisioning and targeting
  • Product recommendations and cross-selling
  • Mobile app optimisation

Target is natively integrated with Adobe Analytics, meaning any audience segment uncovered during analysis can be shared and activated by Target in just a couple of clicks.

Two Solutions. One Source of Truth.

Customers utilising both Analytics and Target can set Adobe Analytics as the primary data source for optimisation reporting to easily bridge the gap between analysts and marketers. Set up activities more quickly and easily, dig deeper into insights after tests, and see consistent results in both solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Single data source.
  • Flexible analysis.
  • Familiar interface.
  • Post test segmentation.
  • On-going personalisation.

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