Florida Museum of Natural History dinah stephens

Nature on Display: An exhibit that I found particularly intriguing was the Frog exhibit. It captured my attention because I have always been interested in nature and the intricacy of frogs. It was very appealing because each specific type of frog was cornered off into its own cage, making them easier to distinguish and identify. I learned about how many frogs there are in this world and how many more there must be in the world. Each was different, but remaining the same species. I found this specifically interesting because it circles in on the similarities of the human race. We are all different but the same. Finding this connection enabled me to really appreciate the natural world for what it was and enhanced the rest of my experience at the museum. I went with my friend Hannah which helped keep me engaged and appreciate the things I saw and learned.
Nature and Ethics: The two picture above capture the exhibit that I feel the Natural History Museum provided the opportunity to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. I was able to read and learn about the economic impact we, as humans, had on nature. I felt connected to this exhibit because the information provided directly correlated human interaction and actions to the effects it had on nature. I had a sense of melancholy and somewhat ashamed by how my actions were harming the beautiful nature that surrounds us. My friend Hannah had a similar reaction as we were both taken aback by the information in front of us. The Museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by accompanying the exhibit with natural noises and sounds that embodied the outdoors. I left feeling responsible for the world that surrounds me and a sense of action in the back of mind that will continue to influence my decisions.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives through its exhibits, specifically the Butterfly Garden. It is not everyday that you are surrounded by the significant beauty of butterflies and when entering this garden I was not expecting to whatsoever. However, when I entered, I was overwhelmed with the amount of butterflies that were present. I felt as though my life hit pause I had time to enjoy the pure delicacy and intricacy of nature. It definitely helped me better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world as I continuously found myself in awe and even exclaiming my excitement at the amazing things the natural world has to offer.

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