Francisco Pizarro 1476-1541

Pizarro's Route
  1. What was the explores Homeland?: Pizarro's homeland was Spain
  2. In who's name did he sail under?: Pizarro sailed under the name of Emperor Charles V. Pizarro (Spain)
  3. Where did he explore?: He explored the top of South America, then proceeded to Panama where he continued down the western part of South America, helping create different colonies along the way.
  4. How did his exploration help his country?: He claimed and looted the land he discovered for its gold an resources in the name of Spain.
  5. What effect did his discovery have on the area that he explored or discovered?: The effect Pizarro left was that new colonies were formed, he overthrew the Inca empire of Peru killing their leader an taking control for him self, an he made the new capital of Peru Lima.
  6. What years did he explore?: He explored from 1528-1532

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