My Utopia join it if you want a new life or a better life

Below is a picture of some of the caves we live in. We do this to save space and be more efficient.

an example of our simple homes

It is super fun so you should join. We give out free guns, all you have to do is work real hard and give back to the community.

a citizen training

We also have a government but they have no law making power, that is all in the hands of the people. The government just enforces the laws.

this is our government building

We also have school that is not mandatory so if you hate school come on down to the best utopia around.

these are the buses that we sometimes use

Also if you do not go to school, you have to work a job to be productive.

our citizens doing their civic duty to have jobs

We also breed high IQs so everyone is smart and productive!

an example of our iq testing answer sheet

Remember to tell your friends about us!

Created By
Nathanael Partin


Created with images by Eithin - "Woodlands 1" • el-toro - "Miner's Home Interior" • familymwr - "GUN_4605" • Örlygur Hnefill - "Hallgrímskirkja" • kevin dooley - "School bus" • MDGovpics - "Jobs Forum" • eslfuntaiwan - "quiz test exam"

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