Chapter 8 A patriotic America 1832

On my expedition this year I have found that Americans have more pride than they ever have. They are young and ready to continue what they started. Having pride to an american isn't just feeling good about their nation, it is feeling happy because they contributed to it to make it what it is. It is feeling like you were part of the nation not just living there. Having pride as an American is starting from scratch and building up.


Today when I was in town all I heard was men talking about nationalism and the american system. Henry Clay seems to now one or two things about the subject and is very supportive. Clay thinks that capitalism is the way that america will excel. Clay wants to tax imported goods, and make a national bank. Henry Clay proclaimed "I'd rather be right than president". Another man who is strong on this subject is John Marshal. In one of his court decisions he helped to grow the strength of the supreme court and strengthen the role of the government's power over the states. The federalist have also seemed to be lacking and it looks like they may be destroyed. Many politicians have seemed to be taking great strides in our political system.


Today in town I saw a man trying to sell some folk art, it was very ordinary yet pretty. Portraits of people also seem to be enjoyed by many right now. These portraits are very personal not only the artist but to the people that are being painted, and they were emotional with the details of the people. Other artist did very detailed nature pictures and very vibrant colored pictures. A lot of artist also depicted nature with detailed or smooth and rich colors. Most artist had a distinct style and were known for it. Such as John James Audubon who painted detailed pictures of birds and they were very colorful. "During all these years there existed within me a tendency to follow Nature in her walks".


Over the past few days I have heard so many different types of music. Higher class people would dance in ballrooms with classical music playing. Then there was Minstrel songs which mocked culture and was of black culture. This wasn’t seen as often. Then I had heard spirituals which were religious and was known as african music. These were my favorite because they were very moving. Finally I could hear patriotic anthems sang all over because they became popular after the war of 1812 had just ended and people wanted to show support for the country. "Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fights". When I heard these people singing and dancing I could really see how they thought it was really the Era of good feelings.


I was in the town's library and read through some of the newer books. Lots of them are filled with stories of people in these american lands. I saw a lot of books by Davy Crockett and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I also saw books by James Fenimore Cooper. There was a lot of adventure filled novels and a lot about new american pioneers and their travels on the frontier. These adventure stories were engaging and interesting and emerging. "Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks".

Counter Argument

Although most people during this time were happy and loved to sing and dance and help make their country better there were a few groups who thought that this was not a time with good feelings. One major group being the slaves. They were beat worked and left out of every part of this time that people thought was good. When I was there I saw slaves being whipped, sold and killed. No one treated them right and they were forced to do stuff they shouldn’t have. People had stereotypes for them and that didn't help them. For them it wasn’t an era of good feelings.


Through my expedition in America I have found that through whatever anyone does here they do it with pride. They make there own stories. They paint their own art and they make their own life. These people are really making this a patriotic and new america.

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