Population Comparison By: Romane Julie Maud Berthelot-frankard

China was always said to have a high number of population. And India, is a lot smaller, therefore, population would also be a lot smaller- right? Not necessarily. India is actually catching up population wise, take a look at this:

Population difference is lower in 2017 than in 1950

There have been multiple predictions saying that India will catch up with China, maybe even overtake it. Considering the slope, this may be true:

The population is rarely on a slope, but there are three moments where a steady slop exists:


Finding the SLOPE

India first interval: (0, 376) and (20, 555) - India second interval: (25, 622) and (45, 955)
India third interval: (50, 1042) and (65, 1282) - China first interval: (0, 543) and (5, 600)
China second interval: (25, 913) and (45, 1237) - China third interval: (50, 1280) and (55,1318)
Points on the graph: (0, 376) and (67, 1295)
Points graphed: (0, 543) (67, 1374)

Finding the "B" value

(a.k.a y intercept)

Considering estimation, I believe my calculations are off. Mainly because "b" is almost always negative when according to the graph, it should be positive.


It is clear that in the beginning - 1950, the difference isn't immense. Later the difference is bigger until it reaches the past decade. From then on, the difference keeps getting smaller.

Here is a graph just to show you the population difference:


To summarize,

It is easily predictable to estimate that if India kept it's uprising population slope, India could outnumber China.

I chose to base myself off the last intervals of each country because the latest data is the most accurate.

Well you never know what can happen in the future. It could be that something unknown to us wipes out one of the countries. It could also be that people decide to leave there country due to war or to some other cause. But if population growth stays accurate to the slope, then I declare India, winner of large population rate.

There aren't any outliers because the growth is pretty continuous.

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