Kindergarten TERM 3 NEWSLETTER, 2019

Welcome back to Term 3! We hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday break. This newsletter outlines the Kindergarten learning programs for this term. It also provides practical strategies that parents can be using to assist their children at home.

The Big Question being explored across the school this term is, 'How Do We Know?'

Important Dates and Days

sport days

  • Sky 4- Monday
  • Sky 3- Friday
  • Surf 11- Tuesday
  • Surf 12- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 10- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 9- Thursday


Kindergarten will also require library bags for borrowing each Wednesday.

dates to remember
  • Tuesday 13 August- K-2 Author Visit
  • Thursday 15th August- Kindy Term 3 Parent Workshop 8:00-9:00am
  • Friday 16th August- Kindy Beach Excursion
  • Thursday 29th August- K-2 Athletics Carnival
  • Friday 30th August- Father's Day Family Breakfast
  • Thursday 12th September- Spring Soiree
  • Monday 16th September- Friday 20th September- Student Led Conference Week
  • Friday 27th September- Last day of Term 3.


Concept - Context and Representation

This term, Kindergarten students will explore the concepts 'Context and Representation'. Context refers to factors acting upon composers and responders that impinge on meaning. Representation is the depiction of a thing, person or idea in written, visual, performed or spoken language.

Kindergarten students will understand that texts are composed in response to different situations. They will explore how texts reflect aspects of their own world and are created for specified audiences and purposes.

Students will continue to use their ‘Literacy Toolboxes’ to set personalised goals and work towards creating simple informative texts about familiar places such as our school and the beach.

During Literacy Groups, students will focus on using guided strategies to decode unknown words and develop their comprehension skills. Parents are encouraged to continue supporting your child at home by practicing their Home Reader each day. Asking your child questions following their reader is an important part of developing their understanding of the text. Please see below for further information regarding building your child's comprehension skills at home.

Students Spelling & Phonics lessons will begin focusing on digraphs and blends this term. Parents are encouraged to continue supporting your child at home by practicing sounds using student Sound Waves accounts. Please contact your class teacher if you require your child's login information.


Concept - Spatial Relationships

Through a range of hands-on and STEAM-based Mathematics programs, structured with explicit teaching, students will explore data, area, position & length. Instruction will be differentiated to facilitate individuals to build their understanding of whole number, addition & subtraction and fractions.

Through engaging in explicit instruction and differentiated activities, students will continue to set personalised goals and add skills to their ‘Maths Toolbox’.

Students will be regularly assessed and monitored for understanding, and activities will be targeted to support and challenge them at their individual level of learning.

To support your child with building their understanding of whole number & additive strategies at home, please access the sites below:


Concept - Place and Space

In Geography, students will be investigating the importance of the places they live in and belong to.

They will begin using uses geographical tools such as maps to identify important features of familiar places and explore how and why spaces are organised in particular ways to meet the needs of the people who use them.

Students will choose a familiar place that is of personal importance and create a digital text explaining how it can be protected and cared for.

As part of our learning journey Kindergarten will be visiting Narrabeen beach and Coastal Environment Centre to explore what makes 'The Coast' a special place and how we can help to look after it.


Concept - context and Representation

Kindergarten students will examine a range of artistic styles. They will investigate how artworks are composed for specific audiences and purposes.

Students will explore and create artworks that reflect aspects of their own world, focusing on places that are special to them.


Concept - Connection

In Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, students will explore how having a healthy, safe and active lifestyle can enhance connections with others.

Kindergarten students will focus on aspects of safe living including; medicine, road, fire and water safety.

They will also be working cooperatively to solve movement challenges in physical activities, games and sports.

For further information about Kindergarten Term 3 programs and learning goals please attend our Parent Workshop on Thursday 15th August 8-9am.

Should you have any further questions please contact your class teacher or our Early Stage 1 Assistant Principal:

Miss Melanie Shields- melanie.shields9@det.nsw.edu.au


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