CRISPR By ryan tariche

CRISPR is a new genome editing tool that could transform the field of biology. In CRISPR, one DNA sequence would be repeated over and over again with unique sequences between the repeats. CRISPR is a naturally occurring defense mechanism found in a wide range of bacteria.
CRISPR allows scientists to edit genomes with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and flexibility. CRISPR can be used to cure diseases like HIV, and can eventually lead to designer babies.
I believe CRISPR should be used so that all the harmful diseases in the world can be cured, and people can like disease free lives. Life without disease is a great life because you won't have to worry about anything, and you can accomplish things you wouldn't think you could accomplish.
CRISPR is interesting because it can eventually lead extended life. CRISPR eliminates disease, and over time CRISPR will eventually learn how to cure death. Although some people may not want to live for hundreds of years, some people would love to have the ability to live for hundreds of years.

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