Storms By:Drake gilbreath

Storms are everywhere. Did you know that about 45,000 storms happen every day? They're frequent can be small or large, yet damaging. How they form is very unique. When a cloud is starting to get warm and very unstable the cloud gets bigger, cumulating stage. Once it reaches it maturity, stop growing start and start pouring rain, it starts to cool down slowly. Yet the storm doesn't last long - roughly one to two hours - it can be remarkable to view.


Tornadoes are also very damaging. They don't last very long though, usually dies out at the near end of a thunderstorm or ten minutes, mostly due to themselves being a child of a rotating thunderstorm. When a thunderstorm forms and rotates it creates a mesocyclone. Once it is formed it is still not a tornado, for it needs to form a vortex. A vortex is formed once a mesocyclone rolls. The tornado usually happens about 770 times in the US every year! Just imagine the amount of damage that can be caused, roughly 2.8 billion in Joplin in 2011. Some that land on water are called waterspouts. Their strength is based on the Fujita scale, which ranges from EF/F-1 to EF/F-5.


Hurricanes however, are the most damaging. If you thought the damage was from the storm then you would be wrong because the water from it causes flooding and extreme rapids. Imagine just getting hit by thousands of baseballs to the face. Their scale is known as the Saffir-Simpson, which measure the waves of water or storm surge. Other names around the world are typhoons or cyclone. To start a hurricane is thunderstorms over water. Then, as warm air begins to rise the clouds get bigger and bigger. Slowly, yet surely, they form an eye wall in the center of the storm. Then it spins and grows storm once it comes onto land. Also, once it starts to get onto land, it dies. This storm is starting to become a problem in the US, even though only 5 on average happen in the US, mostly due to people living near water. One of the most damaging, hurricane Matthew, caused 15 billion dollars.

All of these storms are very damaging. Yet if their wasn't any warm and unstable air all of these wouldn't of exist.

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Drake Gilbreath


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