old fasion phones! barrett walker

In 1879 one of the first phones where invented. Some had a mouth piece or an ear piece. In 1879 not much phones where invented. People had plug in phones. Most people couldn't afford any different phones. Only about 4 phones where made. Those kind of phones where mad out of wood or plastic. That's how 1879 phones where made.

In 1930 phones around this time was getting more popular. Now days a lot of people where buying them. These phones cost around 100 dollars. There was about 16 phones around this time. People where coming in town. That means people didn't have much options to pick from. The numbers were in a circle. That's how 1930 phones worked.

In 2002 these phones had internet. Back in the old days phones had pretty bad internet. And bad wifi. In 2002 they had pretty good internet. Now you can play games. You can also text and call. You can download other stuff to like google. The people did a good job inventing phones. I hope you liked my presentation.


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