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GenEd Night at the Forbes February 22, 2019

Performance options will be the JMU Brass Band or Green Day's American Idiot

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2019 Distinguished Teacher Award

“I love . . . when they say, ‘This is the greatest course. I didn't know I could get this from a GenEd.’ For many students, this will be the only introduction they will have to the field of psychology.”

Congratulations to Professor Kimberly D.R. DuVall! She is this year’s recipient of the General Education Distinguished Teaching Award. She will be honored at two award ceremonies this spring and receive a $1500 honorarium. In the fall, she will be the keynote speaker at the General Education Student Conference banquet. A lecturer in the Department of Psychology, she is being recognized for outstanding instruction of PSYC 160: Lifespan Development in Cluster Five. She is the sixteenth recipient of this award, which was established in 2004.

The 14th annual General Education Student Conference celebrated excellent work of about 140 student participants in 42 panel sessions. Nearly 40 faculty nominated students to present research or class projects developed in a wide-range of General Education courses.

Please join us in congratulating the student presenters:

Catherine Acito · Grace Adkins · Anna Adler · Kelly D'Allessandro · Faith Anderson · Emma Appleton · Jesus Armenta · Matthew Baka · Melody Barger · Kahlyn Bell · Erica Blaine · Erica Boerth · Danielle Bragale · Emily Broyles · Chloé Burnette · Angela Burke · Sophia Cabana · Kaleigh Callis · Skyler Campbell · Theodore Chu · Erin Coogan · Rachel Corley · Ashley Craddock · Josh Craig · Aleah Crystal · Madelyn Cunningham · Alec Dalton · Taylor Daniell · Lindsay Dornblaser · Calista Doulis · Aaliyah Drake · Allison Edwards · Emma Ellis · Brooke Fife · Alexandra Fitzpatrick · Bridget Foley · Jack Francis · Jennifer Freebus · Laura Funes Quinones · Sophie Gibbs · Isabela Gladston · Jack Glennon · Daniella Gonzalez · Mira Gruber · Colleen Haines · Youssef Hassan · James Hays · Alexander Henderson · Nicholas Heslep · Grace Hickey · Celia Hines · Kara Hines · Joyelle Holly · Bethany Hugo · Kelly Johnson · Madison Jones · Rebekah Jones · Sylvia Jones · Karina Juarez · Amelia Kahle · Noah Kamencik · Chloe Keefe · Julianne Kouba · Lily Landi · Zach Lang · Emily LaPlante · Jackie Larrauri · Zoey Lee · Jillian Levin · Andrew Lopuch · Lizzy Lyons · Taylor MacKay · Gwyneth Mackey · Rachel Maizel · Spencer Manning · Adlh Mazrawi · Paige McKenzie · Aaliyah McLean · Caroline Merrick · Kara Miller · Colin Mills · Henry Monk · Lauren Moore · Elisa Morgan · Emily Morgan · Wendy Mu · Elijah Nalle · Katherine Narwid · Emma Nelson · Heather O’Connor · Ashley Oginz-Wilson · Leah Onderdonk · Gabe Oriatti · Haylee Orlowski · Jordan Owens · Abigail Pannier · Alina Pantano · Myles Peckham · Anthony Peters · Connor Post · MacKenna Regenbogen · Maegan Regula · Katherine Repholz · Alyssa Robertson · Tiffany Rodriguez · Diana Roe · Elizabeth Rolen · Claire Schroeder · Raigan Shackelford · Nathaniel Shirey · Brianna Smith · Jake Smith · Emily Snyder · Emma Sprance · Emily Stegner · Allison Stewart · Chase Stokes · Alia Stone · Kellen Sweeney · Grayson Tucker · Ian Turner · Kendallee Walker · Brian Wallace · Kelsey Wallace · Preston Warner · Grace Wheeles · Marley Wickum · Rennie Wilkinson · Victoria Wong · Paris Woods · Alex Workman · Michelle Wu · Lacey Zeller · Nicholas Zimmerman

“The Conference was a fantastic opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, and research in an academic setting. I enjoyed hearing what other students had to share and participating in conversations with everyone in my sessions. I’m thankful for the exposure to a variety of fields and perspectives which GenEd has given me, and both of the classes which I presented work in have helped me find my scholarly niche as a student of history.”

- Sophomore Sophia Cabana is a History major and is in the Honors College. She made two presentations at the 2018 conference.

“I was honored to participate in the 2018 General Education Student Conference this year. I found the experience academically enriching and very rewarding. The Conference gave me the opportunity not only to share my work and to gain experience presenting at a conference, but to hear the insights of other students from a wide array of areas of study, as well as the opportunity for meaningful discussions with professors and other guests. The professors and staff were extremely supportive and provided a platform for academic celebration and enrichment. The Conference was a true academic celebration!

- Bridget Foley is a junior Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS) major, with a minor in Elementary Education. She made two presentations at the 2018 conference.

“I had a great time participating in the conference and found it to be a very rewarding experience. I was able to present a paper on a topic that I had great interest in and I was able to relay my findings and thoughts on those findings to an audience. Hopefully I was able to make people think about a problem they had previously ignored.”

- Jack Francis is a junior Communication Studies major, with a Music Industry minor. He presented at both the 2017 and 2018 conferences.

We would like to extend a special thanks to faculty members who nominated students from their General Education courses and gave them the opportunity to share their academic achievements beyond the classroom:

Michael Allain · Chris Arndt · Tim Ball · Dennis Beck · Michael Brislen · Lori Britt · Cate Bruns · Kathy Clarke · Marty Cohen · Erika Collazo Vargas · Christian Davis · Lori Beth De Hertogh · Danielle DeRise · Kathleen Ferraiolo · T.J. Fitzgerald · Dolores Flamiano · Evan Friss · Michael Galgano · Mary Gayne · Gretchen Hazard · Yongguang Hu · Skip Hyser · Louise Loe · Charles Maddox · Kristen McCleary ·Heidi Pennington · Mark Piper · Stephen Poulson · Steve Reich · Vanessa Rouillon · Michael Seth · Debra Sutton · Kimiko Tanaka · Michael Trocchia · Emily Westkaemper · Siân White · Nan Zheng

Student Presenters, Parents, and Faculty enjoyed a wonderful meal at the GenEd banquet following the student conference. Attendees were treated to a speech by the previous year's Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. Claire Lyons.
“Choosing to study abroad in Scotland has consistently proven to be one of the best decisions I have made so far while at JMU. I got to eat delicious food, experience a different culture, further my sense of independence, and bond with fellow students & professors. I loved learning about health, sociology, geology, and Scottish literature, as well as learning a lot outside of the classrooms, such as how to budget my stipend, golf for the first time, navigate and travel around the city, and my personal favorite, the Ceilidh dance.” -Michelle Wu

The GenEd Summer Semester in Scotland is open to all majors. Students take two classes in each four-week session, with two taught by JMU faculty members and two by faculty from the University of Edinburgh and the University of St. Andrews. There are numerous field trips to historical and cultural sites, and, while at the University of St. Andrews, several geological trips, including a three-day excursion to the Highlands. Students have the unique opportunity of classroom learning as well as the experiential discovery of living in a foreign land and traveling to new locations. As one student observed: “13 credits in 8 weeks is a great deal, but living and traveling in a different culture was invaluable.”

Support for Large General Education Classes

Teaching large classes is a skill many take for granted. Our students rely on us to provide high quality learning experiences, yet the support we receive may not always be targeted at the unique needs of effective large classroom instructors. Our classrooms need to be properly equipped to support our strategies and our methods need to encourage impact and engagement. Large class instructors also require tools outside of the classroom that can scale and support course management and deeper learning.

In order to target our efforts to support large classroom instruction, the General Education program is seeking input from instructors who regularly teach classes large classes (80 to 300+ students) to provide guidance as to how the large classrooms need to be equipped/maintained, what pedagogical supports are needed to teach high quality courses at scale, and what sort of programming would be most helpful to empower instructors to provide dynamic learning experiences. We are hoping to work directly with instructors to ensure that our efforts and classrooms are specifically directed toward the needs of the people teaching the classes. If you would like to provide input, or simply to be kept in the loop as discussions and recommendations develop, please contact Cluster 5 coordinator David Daniel (danieldb@jmu.edu).

Cluster Two Spotlight

With Support from the General Education Program, the Bards Ablaze Theatre Collective from Mary Baldwin University's Shakespeare & Performance MLitt program performed an abbreviated Romeo and Juliet for Dr. Marina Favila's Eng 222 Course, "Shakespeare and the Actor." The Bards Ablaze performance demonstrated the interpretive relationship between Shakespeare's text and theatrical performance, the thesis of the ENG 222 course. In a talk-back session following the performance, the actors described their interpretive choices concerning their characterization, production aesthetic, and textual adaptation and how these choices were substantiated through the text of the play. Taking advantage of the pop culture prevalence of the circus, the Bards Ablaze performance costumed the Montagues and Capulets in vibrant colors typical of big-top performances. This, coupled with a minimal set, brought together for students the conventions of Shakespeare's theatre and modern performance in a brief, entertaining, and instructive adaptation.

Integrative Learning: Discover Options, Make Connections

Now in its third year, the program’s 300-level, integrative thinking and learning project is growing. Still not sure what’s happening or why integration matters? Learn more about the national context and the benefits to students and faculty here. Then visit the new website that Gretchen Hazard created to explore how the effort works at JMU. The Breeze covered the project in this article. So far, more than 200 students have enrolled in these innovative courses.

Kudos to the faculty who have piloted courses so far:

  • Ron Cereola (MKTG)
  • Mary Gayne, Kristen McCleary (HIST)
  • Gretchen Hazard, Tim Ball, Michael Broderick (SCOM)
  • Terry Beitzel (JUST)
  • Sarah Brooks, Daniel Robinson, David Ehrenpreis (SADAH)
  • Harold Butner, Mark Mattson (PHYS)
  • Laura Taalman (Math)
  • Joi Merritt (Education Programs)
  • Jamie Calgano-Roach (Libraries)

George D. Kuh is the Founding Director, Senior Scholar and Co-principal Investigator at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. In this video he describes Integrative Learning.

Engaged Learning, Integrative Learning Spotlight

In November, Dr. Mary Gayne (History), Abby Campillo (a student at Harrisonburg High School), Jordan McCray, Andrew Persinger, Emma Anderson, and Emily Morgan (all students at JMU), presented at the Engagement for the Public Good Conference held at Hotel Madison. Their roundtable session showcased “The World is Harrisonburg”, a multi-modal website that uses publicly available sources to document aspects of immigration and resettlement in this community from 1965-present and provides compelling narratives. The project was part of Gayne's course HIST 150/UNST 390 an integrative learning pilot.

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