Robert Herrick by:Stan Frolov

Robert Herrick was born in Cheapside London in 1591. His mother's name was Julia Stone and father's Nicholas Herrick. Herrick's father died in November 1692 from falling out of a 4 story building(the suicide is remained unclear). Herrick was educated in West minster, he also went to Merchant Taylor's School. In 1607 he was apprenticed by his uncle Sir William Herrick, who was a goldsmith and jeweler for the king. He was with his uncle for 6 years. When he was 22 Herrick went to St. John's College in Cambridge. He later went to Trinity Hall, graduating in 1617. He also became part of the Sons of Ben for the works of Ben Jonson. Herrick wrote at least 5 poems for Jonson.

When King Charles 2 was restored to the throne , after the civil war, Herrick petitioned for his own restoration to his living.

Robert Herrick wrote over 2,500 poems!

Perhaps King Charles felt kindly towards this genial man, who had written verses celebrating the births of both Charles II and his brother James before the Civil War. Herrick became the vicar of Dean Prior again in the summer of 1662 and lived there until his death in October 1674, at the age of 83.

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