Kuh-lekt [Kuh-lekt] is an art exhibition that focuses on the practice of collecting art and features original prints and drawings from the Ryan and Karina Stander Collection.

Ryan and Karina Stander have been collecting art since their first year of marriage, and, over the years, their collection has grown into a plethora of engaging artworks. As they continue their careers at Minot State University, they continue to reach out to individuals in the art community, contributing to their ever-growing collection. The couple has pulled together some of their favorite pieces and is presenting them to the public in an exhibition titled, [Kuh-lekt].

Hosted by Minot State University’s Flat Tail Press Gallery, this exhibit focuses on the act of collecting art and showcases original prints and drawings from artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches.

Ryan Stander states, "People collect art for many reasons. Some collect for investment … Some for fun … Some because it matches their new couch. For Karina and me, collecting is about placemaking. Over time, space becomes place through lived experience. It becomes laden with memory, turning a house into a home. Places fill our imagination and, in turn, evoke what is most precious to us. By collecting art, we intentionally design our domestic and public spaces, reflecting and reinforcing our values and ideals."

"When Karina and I got married, we committed to buying one piece of art a year as a way of supporting artists, and a way to make a place together. It started with a $40 ceramic bowl. Today we own sculptures and ceramics, prints, paintings, and photos, and even anonymously made tapestries. Both of us are drawn to hand-made things … most often to things that have a connection to people we know. Art helps make our home a place and fills it with tangible memories of our friends and mentors."

Karina Stander described how she grew up as child of makers (her mother is a professional quilter and her father is a woodworker) which shaped her appreciation of handmade things.

The exhibit offers work from Stander's friends, mentors, and those whose work they admire including Art Werger, Kim Fink, John Kaericher, Michael Conlan, Meghan Duda, Honore Daumier, Dagmar Mezricky, Anna Jacobson, Jessica Christy, David Driesbach, Lori Biwer Stewart, Jenifer Nelson, Aaron Coleman, John Hitchcock, and Barbara Kwasniewska.

BFA and printmaking student Hannah Streccius studies Art Werger's "Nocturne".

Prior to the exhibit opening, the Minot State Art Department hosted a panel discussion with Walter Piehl, Doug Pfliger, and Laurie Geller on collecting art.

Following the comments by the Standers, a table of prints donated by MSU faculty were available for students to start their own collection.
Dr Laurie Geller and Ryan Stander discuss Geller's estimable collection of "gig posters" that she began collecting in college.
The cookies may be gone, but the the Kuh-lekt exhibit runs through November 27, 2017

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Micah Bloom, Ryan Stander

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