Art Show A pHoto essay by Grace Larson

Depicted below are some of the many beautiful artworks that Mercy students have created this year.

“Think” by Maddie Reinard

This art peice is created by Maddie Reinard. It was made of charcoal. It was cleverly named “Think,” and yet it is so confusing at the same time.

Another drawing by Maggie Reinard.

Maggie Reinard is a current Senior at Mercy Highschool. Everyone is very excited to see what else she will create in the future!

“Glass Water Lilies” made By Claire Fink

This art peice was made of glass. She managed to make a bridge, flowers and trees out of minuscule pieces of glass.

“Funky.com” by Ruby Kraft

At the art show, Ruby Craft’s table was one of the most noticeable out of them all. With fun artwork like this, how could you not look!

The Show Stopper

This is another art piece by Ruby Craft. I was very drawn to this artwork because of all of the colors. My favorite part, that I noticed after examining the art piece several times, has to be the small birds on the rod coming out of her mouth.

Words of encouragement.

At every table, there were books such as this for people to give them compliments on their artwork. This one is Claire Fink’s.

“Puzzled” by Julie Wren

This art piece needed to incorporate puzzle pieces. Julie put them on a pair of lips, adding texture and demention!

“Frustrated” by Ruby Kraft

This particular art piece won best in show. It is a painting of her younger brother surrounded by the words “Time is of the essence.” A showstopper for sure!

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